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Shaza Goes to Web Summit 2016

The entire arena was buzzing with energy. Phone torches were lit, originally by people whose friends were trying to locate them amidst the 15,000 people, before everyone pretty much lit theirs too. The seats were quickly filling up, and we heard thousands of people were stranded outside in the chilly Lisbon evening watching the live… Keep reading

Inspiring / People / Working Remotely

Journey Made Possible: An Interview with Syed Ahmad Fuqaha

“Starting with remote made the journey possible for Katsana. Give your team flexibility. Results are what truly matters.” According to the latest statistics in Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad Statistical Bulletin, a car in Malaysia is lost every 24 minutes. What’s more, less than 1 out of 10 cars are recovered and returned to the owners.… Keep reading

Inspiring / People

Purely Passionate: An Interview with Jesrina Arshad

“Every time I wake up to know that PurelyB changes lives, that keeps me going even more.” Somewhere around May, we launched the first phase of PurelyB, a go-to guide to leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle, currently available for the users in Malaysia and Singapore. The website is aimed to make healthy living easy and convenient through guide to… Keep reading

Culture / Processes

Running Stampede Constructs

Staying true to our culture of knowledge sharing and giving, Sani shares his experience of running Constructs, our resident curated content miniblog on front-end development.

Culture / Events

Remembering MH17

Aug 22 was declared a national mourning day in Malaysia as we finally received the fallen passengers of MH17 on our soil. Malaysians, welcome home.

Design / Freebies

Freebie: E-Commerce Product Sashes & Ribbons

We have designed a wide range of product sashes and ribbons in vector format for your quick use in your projects.

Design / Projects

Mighty Things

We’ve just launched the new Stampede website (yay!) so here’s Shaza saying thanks to all the wonderful people who made it happen. Also, find out things in the work at Stampede.

Culture / Training

On Being Nimble

Empowerment is making your employee the true owners of your business. As much as you are accountable to each other, you are also invested in each other’s growth. The good news is, if you’re a small business, you’re probably already doing that anyway.

Creative Burst / Design

Creative Burst #22

This week, Wan found out that painting skulls in acrylic actually help him sleep better. Meanwhile, Shaza attempted to do flat design without exclaiming “Rainbow unicorns!” too much and Zana imagined a scratch postcard as memento of her recent adventures.

Creative Burst / Design

Creative Burst #21

This week, it’s all about bringing design solutions to life. Wan gif-ed up UI designs for mobile to make them look interactive, Shaza sexy-fied our random quotes from work in the form of typographic posters while Zana demanded more interaction out of LinkedIn.