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From Developer to Project Lead

project management

This article is written by our resident web analyst and developer, Tony Sanjaya who hails from Surabaya, Indonesia. In the past, the man has confessed that he is more comfortable talking with machines instead of human beings and prefers listening instead of note-taking. A combination of traits that doesn’t sound very people-oriented, but at Stampede,…Keep reading

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A City of Our Own VIII : Payangan


Hi, my name is Tony Sanjaya. I come from Bali, the island of a thousand gods, living in a small city called Payangan since I was born. Payangan is a sub-district of Gianyar. How does that work you may ask? Imagine Smallville, and Gianyar or Denpasar is Metropolis. And I am Superman. (I’m sorry, let’s get…Keep reading

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Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2016

Tony is our resident web analyst + developer and this is his first experience in participating in a regatta. He has mentioned that before this he thought ‘regatta’ meant a name of a place before learning it was a sporting event. The following adventure details his journey from Indonesia all the way to Langkawi, Malaysia…Keep reading