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We Are Hiring

Stampede is looking for two PHP programmers to join our team. With clients from 4 continents, do expect to hit the ground running – we have plenty of interesting work. Best of all, you can work remotely too.

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On-Campus Interview

You are an IT student, black circles under your eyes from that last attempt at submitting your Final Year Project in one coherent piece. You have an interview with a web company and you’ve heard all sort of cautionary tales and advise about your future career. Suddenly you feel like an underdog. Ain’t life grand.

Culture / Hiring

Interview @ TEC 2009 (a.k.a the Badass day)

Job interview is an event here at Stampede. We dig seriously talented, happy bunch of people who take pride in their work. Some of our clients charmingly call this the “Stampede Material”. So the next one to join must be Badass™ enough.

Culture / Hiring

Back Hiring!

As the demand for usable web design grows, we find it necessary to have an in-house talent in both website planning and the intelligent way of doing design. We’d like to keep the team unique and fun, so I’ve decided to scrap the boring resume-reading and “I-dont-have-an-online-portfolio-but-I-know-I-can-do-this” emails communicae.

Culture / Hiring

You got fluid?

Stampede is now looking for individuals with bright mind, the right attitude and most importantly – someone who gets things done.