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From Developer to Project Lead

project management

This article is written by our resident web analyst and developer, Tony Sanjaya who hails from Surabaya, Indonesia. In the past, the man has confessed that he is more comfortable talking with machines instead of human beings and prefers listening instead of note-taking. A combination of traits that doesn’t sound very people-oriented, but at Stampede,…Keep reading

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Overcoming the Fear of Analytics


When I first used Google Analytics it was a shock to me seeing so many numbers and charts. The flood of information at the time was more than what I could make sense of. This was the first time I developed a fear of analytics, a fear of big data. Eventually, I got used to it after…Keep reading

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Tips on Delightful Client Onboarding Experience

on boarding

Every now and then, we get people asking us if we have experienced an episode akin to Clients from Hell. But to be honest, it is thankfully not something that we encounter very often. We are lucky to have good clients, who most of the time become good friends for life. There are instances where clients…Keep reading

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The Stampede Way to Scrum: The Blitz

Stampede Blitz

Every workplace has team meetings and Stampede is no different. Although we work remotely using our computers, we get together regularly for updates, discussions and sometimes just for casual purposes. What is The Blitz? The Blitz is the official name for Stampede’s version of a stand-up meeting, and it occurs every weekday at 1PM (GMT+8) over…Keep reading

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Stampede in Zapier

Yesterday was another milestone for Stampede, as Zapier had mentioned us in one of their blog posts; Project Management Software Stacks: The Apps That 13 Companies Use to Manage Projects. What is Zapier? The post shares how 13 companies on their use of Zapier to connect their work apps together. At Stampede, we use a…Keep reading

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Transitioning from Print to Digital Design

When was the last time you actually read a newspaper or a magazine? If you’re like me then you’ve been getting your news from subscribed Facebook feeds and bookmarking websites that publish content that is of keen interest to yourself. It’s an obvious trend where the media is moving to, and that is from print…Keep reading

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Slack Bots We Didn’t Know We Couldn’t Live Without

With more companies implementing flextime and running remote offices, getting employees aligned with one another becomes a challenge. Ways to collaborate become a need to facilitate an office environment in which team members can work together from different locations. Over here at Stampede, We ♥ Slack. This is a collaborative work platform which has been…Keep reading

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Introducing Crescendo

Like most agencies, all of us in Stampede listen to music a lot while working. In most cases, although we do great work together, it is understandable that our music choices are different. Shaiful with jazz and blues Sani with chiptune music Iwan with Hindi songs Shaza with EDM Dahlia with mainstream pop Zana with…Keep reading

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Running a Social Media Campaign

In my 25 years of life (chuckles), I believe I have never uttered the words “Valentine’s Day” just as much as I had during the past month when my team and I ran a Valentine’s Day social media campaign for our client. Here’s what happened. Valentine’s Day social media campaign Background, goals and duration Recently we ran a…Keep reading

Culture / Processes

Running Stampede Constructs

Staying true to our culture of knowledge sharing and giving, Sani shares his experience of running Constructs, our resident curated content miniblog on front-end development.