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Tales from the UX Workshop: Learning to Speak your Client’s Tongue

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At Stampede, we have experience running UX workshops with clients across different industries. With each industry being different from one another, getting to understand each client requires a bit more effort. Every client speaks a different language, based on their industry’s jargon and terminology. Learning to speak and understand your client’s terms is important, because you need…Keep reading

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The 6 Commandments of UX Workshop Facilitation


Workshops are often a key part of the UX process by getting stakeholders involved from the start. Due to its importance, it is always good to ensure that these workshops are properly run. One key person in the UX workshop is the UX facilitator. This person not only leads the workshop to its desired outcome, but to also create a pleasant environment…Keep reading

Culture / UX Research

UX Research Part 2: Which UX Methods to Use?

In Part 1 of the User Experience (UX) Research series previously, we talk about the importance of conducting user research before we embark on design and development tasks. This is so we are set on the same page of building a product for the users we intend to have, instead of loading up on features and…Keep reading

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UX Research Part 1: How Do We Start?

UX research

Let’s face it: Research is something we all do every day. For instance, there is a movie we’d love to watch over the weekend, so we hop onto the Internet to scour the price and showtime. Then we ask ourselves, “Is it a good movie?“, “What are the reviews saying about it?” and “Is it trending on…Keep reading