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Accessing Your Computer Using a Smartphone

Do you need to access your computer using smartphone urgently for some important stuff? Or you simply need to turn off your computer when you are miles away? Well, that sucks when you are out and your computer is definitely out of reach – I’ve been there and trust me, it’s not pleasant. To be…Keep reading

Gadgets / Tips and Tricks

Alternative for Maybank2u Mobile App

While Maybank2U mobile app is convenient for your banking on the go, it does have its limitations for services. Syazwan shows how to get the full functionality, fast and easy.

Gadgets / Tips and Tricks

How to Transfer Large Files Between Android Devices

Android users – worry no more about sending those huge cat videos over between devices! Syazwan, our resident Android purist will show you how.

Gadgets / Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S2 WiFi Issue

Shaiful relives his ordeal with SGS2’s notorious hardware-related WiFi issue that requires a full replacement of the mainboard to fix. Spoiler: It ended well.