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Being a Developer Hero: An Interview with Zulfa Juniadi


Our interviewee this time is Mr Zulfa Juniadi who was recently awarded “Developer Hero” during the 2016 Rice Bowl Awards. He is a prominent figure, in the web developer community in Malaysia. Our developers here at Stampede have even trained under him for AngularJS. Because of that, we got to know him a bit more and were interested…Keep reading

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UX-ing in Startups: An Interview with Linda Rasip

You really need make sure the product principles are right from the start. While startups offer some of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities for UX designers to fully execute their craft, they also represent some of the most challenging environments in which to achieve success due to their fast-paced and bootstrapping nature. User Experience, as…Keep reading

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Journey Made Possible: An Interview with Syed Ahmad Fuqaha

“Starting with remote made the journey possible for Katsana. Give your team flexibility. Results are what truly matters.” According to the latest statistics in Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad Statistical Bulletin, a car in Malaysia is lost every 24 minutes. What’s more, less than 1 out of 10 cars are recovered and returned to the owners.…Keep reading

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Purely Passionate: An Interview with Jesrina Arshad

“Every time I wake up to know that PurelyB changes lives, that keeps me going even more.” Somewhere around May, we launched the first phase of PurelyB, a go-to guide to leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle, currently available for the users in Malaysia and Singapore. The website is aimed to make healthy living easy and convenient through guide to…Keep reading

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A Leap of Faith: An Interview with Danish Mumtaz from Motopedia

” I took a leap of faith — and decided Stampede it is.” Recently, we launched, a portal on the latest, unbiased car reviews and comparisons across the UAE and the GCC region. The fully responsive website includes exciting features like an intelligent search function recommending similar cars based on price range, body types…Keep reading

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For the Love of Pantoun: An Interview with Jérôme Bouchaud

Zana chatted with Jérôme on the new Pantun Sayang website & found out that we are now responsible to amend the world-changing mistake of the great French poet Victor Hugo.

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A Day In The Life of: Shaiful Borhan

Meet Shaiful Borhan, Web Analyst & Developer for Stampede. Easily the most positive person in the team, he talks about self-reward, the importance of rest & practical tips for aspiring programmers.

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Putting Users First: An Interview with Michael Heraghty

Brimming with positivity, Michael talks about his earliest days building User Journeys, how usability concept has grown tremendously over the years and how that first email to Stampede started it all.

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Connection through Conversation: An Interview with Lilyana Latiff

In between references to pop culture, Joota’s Co-Founder Lilyana Latiff shares how Joota has been her life-defining passion and how the platform is set to empower the knowledge sharing revolution.

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A Day In the Life of: Shaza Hakim


Welcome to the first instalment of A Day In The Life Of series, where we shall feature every team member in Stampede about how we go through typical work day. To kick off the series, here is our very own Shaza Hakim.