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Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time

manage energy

During a day at work, we often find ourselves managing our time in order to be productive. If we spend more time on something, the quicker it gets done. However, time management isn’t the only factor that contributes to a productive day. From my experience, energy also plays a large part. What is energy? Energy…Keep reading

Productivity / Tips and Tricks

Productive Workplace Habits That You Should Know

Humans are creatures of habit. This comes from our innate ability to see and learn things. Eventually by performing certain actions repeatedly do we form a habit out of it. Habits can go two ways, good or bad, with the latter being more common. In our workplaces, we have habits that we are quite fond…Keep reading

Productivity / Tips and Tricks

Growing Ideas: Mind Mapping

There has probably been a time where someone has asked you to come up with an idea. You spent hours just trying to come up with something from the top of your head. Sometimes you get that ‘Eureka!’ moment fairly quickly, other times you’re just scraping the end of the bowl. There is actually a…Keep reading

Productivity / Tips and Tricks

Managing Your Time

So much work, so little time. Within a day we have twenty-four hours to work with and we’re pretty much occupied two-thirds of it. It’s common knowledge that each day has only twenty-four hours with our entire lives are built around it. Sometimes we wished that we had more hours in a day to get…Keep reading