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Getting to Know Agile Development

Imagine this: you are the Project Manager of a very important proposal where the customer expects the product quality to be on time and on budget. But in the middle of the project, requirements seem to add up more and more. At this point of time, it may seem daunting. Here comes the Agile project management…Keep reading

Culture / Project Management

A Day In The Life of a Project Manager

Zana the Wonder Woman tells you to sit down so she could relay on how her typical schedule in Stampede looks like. Also, she gets to use the word oftentimes, which makes her giddy.

Culture / Project Management

Immensity of the sea

Every day is an adventure for Zana the Project Manager!

Culture / Project Management

Managing Web Projects and People

As a project manager and a virtual one at that, Anita came across articles that shed a new light on her daily job scope and the different personalities of people she’s involved with. As experience alone is not enough to grow, she still have plenty to learn and in the process. Here she shares articles that she hopes to be useful to the readers.

Culture / Project Management

On Good Communication

Anita Zein writes about the importance of communicating good especially in the wonderful chaos that comes with her project management turf. Good communication attracts great clients and bring about the happiest of team.

Culture / Project Management

The Project Manager writes…

Stampede was close to launching one of the biggest e-commerce project in our portfolio yet. It’s a huge online store – a project by one of our client from the States. Anita writes about what it takes to manage the project and how she had fun while doing it.