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Dads of Stampede: Parenting and Remote Work

At Stampede we don’t need to commute to a physical office, and that’s because we all work remotely from various places. There are pros and cons, as well as opportunities from this setup. One of which is the ability to keep an eye on your kids at home while working. We sat down and asked two of our…Keep reading

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Journey Made Possible: An Interview with Syed Ahmad Fuqaha

“Starting with remote made the journey possible for Katsana. Give your team flexibility. Results are what truly matters.” According to the latest statistics in Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad Statistical Bulletin, a car in Malaysia is lost every 24 minutes. What’s more, less than 1 out of 10 cars are recovered and returned to the owners.…Keep reading

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Working Remotely Part 2: Building Culture in a Remote Team

Culture is more so than a buzzword being thrown around by business leaders now. It stands to us as a foundation for our team’s happiness, and every wonderful thing will follow if we get the foundation right. Ever notice how some teams seem to function better than others no matter who is on the team?…Keep reading

Culture / Working Remotely

Working Remotely Part 1: Running a Remote Team

How do you run your team remotely? When we speak to people of how our team of 8 is scattered across several places and time zones, we get the above question every single time. While a number of companies in the tech industry are still debating on the merits of remote work, Stampede has always been…Keep reading

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In the Cloud

Never in his life Wan had thought about having a job that does not require him to sit hunching his back in the office. Here he relays his experience and how he tries to adjust himself to this new experience.

Culture / Working Remotely

Magic on the move

Zana talks about how working with Stampede enables her to do all the things she has always wanted to do, without ever leaving the job.

Culture / Working Remotely

The Business of Working Remote

David from 37Signals wrote this a while back: “Everything we do to manage a business consisting mainly of remote employees is something anyone else could do too. There’s so much untapped tech talent that does not live near your office, but would work for you if you allowed them to.”