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Getting Up to Speed: Rapid-fire Design


At Stampede, we practice a culture of staying up-to-date with the industry as much as we can. How we do that is through training in the form of modules to keep our skills sharp and ever-ready. I came from a more generic design background where UI/UX was part of the job, and the training was…Keep reading

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Microinteractions: Details that Are Not the Details

The strategists at Stampede are up to something again. One day, Jared the Content Strategist, who ran Constructs, and I sat down for a meeting about interfaces in general. We ran through a number of websites we liked and as we cooed over every single detail that makes the user experience even more delightful, we decided to…Keep reading

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Transitioning from Print to Digital Design

When was the last time you actually read a newspaper or a magazine? If you’re like me then you’ve been getting your news from subscribed Facebook feeds and bookmarking websites that publish content that is of keen interest to yourself. It’s an obvious trend where the media is moving to, and that is from print…Keep reading

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The Evolution of E-Newsletters

Email marketing has quickly gone up to become one of the most versatile tools to reach customers when it comes to marketing brands and products. With the help of a number of platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Litmus, GetResponse and many more, it is easy to implement custom and/or ready-made designs, segregate customers into…Keep reading

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My Internship Experience: Part 2

(This is a continuation of my first post here.) Hi, Anis here, back for the second part of my internship experience at Stampede. Buckle up and let’s bounce! Building C-Lyrics Previously I mentioned about my main assignment, which is building a lyrics database website from scratch I am going to call C-Lyrics. You heard it right people.…Keep reading

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GST Blues Explained

The talk of the town these past few weeks in Malaysia had been the implementation of GST. GST, which stands for Goods & Services Tax is also known as VAT or the value added tax in many countries. It is a multi-stage consumption tax imposed on goods and services, which takes effect in Malaysia beginning…Keep reading

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My Internship Experience: Part 1

Hi, Anis here! I’m currently a student at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) pursuing my Diploma in Computer Science and I’d like to share my experience in my first month of being an intern at Stampede. Serendipity is the coolest thing I suppose it’s always this – when you are on the Internet, you tend to…Keep reading

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Remembering MH17

Aug 22 was declared a national mourning day in Malaysia as we finally received the fallen passengers of MH17 on our soil. Malaysians, welcome home.

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Building a Mobile Note-Taking App

Dahlia walked us through the process of designing a mobile note-taking app, from ideation to user interface design. World, say hi to Goat Note!

Design / UI/UX

People Don’t Read, They Scan

Zana and Dahlia explore the reasons users only scan content online instead of reading, and how designers can best use this information to their advantage.