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From Developer to Project Lead

project management

This article is written by our resident web analyst and developer, Tony Sanjaya who hails from Surabaya, Indonesia. In the past, the man has confessed that he is more comfortable talking with machines instead of human beings and prefers listening instead of note-taking. A combination of traits that doesn’t sound very people-oriented, but at Stampede,…Keep reading

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Tips on Delightful Client Onboarding Experience

on boarding

Every now and then, we get people asking us if we have experienced an episode akin to Clients from Hell. But to be honest, it is thankfully not something that we encounter very often. We are lucky to have good clients, who most of the time become good friends for life. There are instances where clients…Keep reading

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The Stampede Way to Scrum: The Blitz

Stampede Blitz

Every workplace has team meetings and Stampede is no different. Although we work remotely using our computers, we get together regularly for updates, discussions and sometimes just for casual purposes. What is The Blitz? The Blitz is the official name for Stampede’s version of a stand-up meeting, and it occurs every weekday at 1PM (GMT+8) over…Keep reading

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On Being Nimble

Empowerment is making your employee the true owners of your business. As much as you are accountable to each other, you are also invested in each other’s growth. The good news is, if you’re a small business, you’re probably already doing that anyway.

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A Day In The Life of a Project Manager

Zana the Wonder Woman tells you to sit down so she could relay on how her typical schedule in Stampede looks like. Also, she gets to use the word oftentimes, which makes her giddy.

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Immensity of the sea

Every day is an adventure for Zana the Project Manager!

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“All Happy Families Are Alike…”

Zana carried the same notion of regarding everyone in Stampede as family members when she joined in, much like other companies she had been in before. That way, in times of those affectionate points of brushing past each other purring contently or during those fraught moments of tearing each other’s hair apart, she will be obliged to love and protect them, come high or low.

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My Favourite Dudes

A project requires many things: fulfillment of responsibilities, good cooperation, effective communication and the awareness to be your own leaders. When everyone shines at meeting the demands of their specific roles in a project whilst having so much fun, the project manager can sleep peacefully at night. Have a look at how we do it.

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Managing Web Projects and People

As a project manager and a virtual one at that, Anita came across articles that shed a new light on her daily job scope and the different personalities of people she’s involved with. As experience alone is not enough to grow, she still have plenty to learn and in the process. Here she shares articles that she hopes to be useful to the readers.

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On Good Communication

Anita Zein writes about the importance of communicating good especially in the wonderful chaos that comes with her project management turf. Good communication attracts great clients and bring about the happiest of team.