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Meet our happy, thoroughly talented, all-in-all great people.

Stampede Values

At Stampede, our culture is the thing that makes us the most unique. Amidst our scattered locations, in unison we make sure that these values are imbued in every fragment of our daily work and personal lives.


Proud ownership and care for the little things.


Treat everyone close and dear, with respect and warmth.


Be amazing together.


Work speaks calibre.


Have fun and embrace the inner oddballs!


Dov Nazarov

Dov Nazarov

Co-Founder + Development Lead

Dov is a co-founder of Stampede. He leads the company’s development and analytical strategy. He enjoys the process of developing, where you have to consider possible outcomes and code elegantly in anticipation of future demands of the system.

Shaza Hakim

Shaza Hakim

Co-Founder & UX Principal

Shaza is a co-founder of Stampede. She leads UX and creative process, practicing design at the intersection of business and technology for 12 years. A firm believer of finesse and attention to detail, Shaza advocates for design as efficient problem-solving tool for business. Her design process is shaped by curiosity, backed by data and desire to understand the user at the end of the service design spectrum. Shaza coaches UX practitioners at startup and enterprise level and currently serves as the Principal Curator at UX Malaysia.

Shaiful Borhan

Shaiful Borhan

Senior Web Analyst + Developer

Shaiful is a web analyst and developer for Stampede. His sharp insight in analyzing new system requirements makes Shaiful a brilliant programmer. The ‘Holmes’ is also very handy with his guitar and ukulele. Mothers, lock your daughters.

Syazwan Hakim

Syazwan Hakim

Senior Front End Developer

An Android purist, Syazwan translates our designers’ work into functional HTML webpages. If you can sketch it, he can probably do it. Our designers are sticklers for pixel perfection and Syazwan delivers, every time. Holler to Syazwan if you are a Man U fan too.

Hidayu Hakim

Hidayu Hakim

Project Controller

Hidayu is the project executive for Stampede. Graduated from Materials Engineering, she makes the leap into tech and UX to coordinate and execute digital projects. A strong believer that the attention people give to what they make is reflected in the end result, Hidayu runs impeccable quality control sessions and assists clients in user acceptance testing. In her free time, she scales buildings and perform silent assassination in Assassin’s Creed, among other games.


Mujib Jazmin

Senior Product Designer

Mujib is Senior Product Designer for Stampede. A tech enthusiast, an autodidact and fan of well-designed digital products, he enjoys creating clean, simple and emotionally inducing designs for users. His views and design principles on effective design has been shaped largely by the work of Steve Jobs & Jony Ive, making him our resident Apple ambassador.

Rolando Parado

Rolando Parado

Front End Developer

Rolando is the Front End Developer for Stampede. A web developer with more than 4 years of experience in Laravel and WordPress, one of his goals is bridging user-centered designs with functionalities that will make a website work seamlessly across many platforms. Joining the Fatherhood of Stampede, Rolando is also another addition to this team of avid gamers, particularly in multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).


Sani Halid

Front End Developer

Sani, or affectionately known as Sunny is yet another gamer to join the pack. On his way to become a brilliant front-end conjurer, Sani is committed to provide clean and beautiful solutions for projects. A self-learner, Sani’s enthusiasm to learn new things is infectious. Save the football talk, guys – because apparently our Sunny finds it boring!


Jester White

Business & Ops Executive

Jester is the Business & Ops Executive for Stampede. With experience in law, MNC and the startups ecosystem, Jester is looking to expand his UX horizons with Stampede. His key roles span operations optimization, financial sustainability and most importantly, delivering great employee experience to everyone at Stampede. Jester’s favourite pastime is spent reading and sharing inspirational quotes. His favourite is — “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” by Mother Teresa. What’s yours?


Fadzlina (Ina) Fuad

Junior Product Designer

Ina is a Junior Product Designer in Stampede. As a member of the design team, Ina is responsible for designing products that solve real problems. She adopts human-centred design principles and methods to create UI designs and solutions by collaborating with clients, other designers and front end developers. She has a gift for project management and has handled complex projects with many moving parts. Ina’s also the winner of Stampede Setahun Jagung Award, for already making a major impact to the team and products even before completing her first year with Stampede.

When Ina isn’t in the office, she’s busy scratching her travel itch by backpacking to explore new and different cultures. All while eating their yummy food!


Zo-Ee Chee

UX Strategist and Culture Manager

Zo-Ee is the UX Strategist and Culture Manager at Stampede. She looks at both Stampede’s clients’ business goals as well as their users’ needs to produce a holistic UX strategy which often includes running design sprints, UX workshops and product management. Previously, Zo-Ee worked in community management where she started thinking more about customers’ experiences which prompted her leap into UX As the culture manager, Zo-Ee also looks at making Stampede a great and enjoyable place to work. She’s also Stampede’s resident grammar Nazi and a budding Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner.


Syafira Zulkifli

UX Researcher

Syafira is the UX Researcher for Stampede. Her work focuses on uncovering new ways of addressing social and business challenges through ethnographic field research, participatory workshops, and prototyping new products, services, and interventions. She conducted design research for branding, new market acquisition, new products or services, and community engagement projects throughout Southeast Asia. In her free time, she dives, travels, do yoga and fan-girling over Tristan Harris.


Saiful Hamdan

UI/UX Designer

Saiful is UI/UX Designer and an artistic graphic geek who fan-boys about all things tech. He started his career in 2010 as a Graphic Designer but is now pursuing his passion of making and improving digital products that are great for the consumer.



Administrative Executive

Nurul is an Administrative Executive at Stampede. Working behind the scenes, Nurul takes care of Stampede’s operational day-to-day including juggling phone calls, handling mail and claims, and liaising with clients. In her free time, she enjoys looking for and trying out DIY sewing courses to reuse clothes and make outfits for her adorable daughter.

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