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Available opportunities in our Design, Development and Business & Operations teams.


UX Designer

Explore and research the problem space and craft well-designed experiences

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UX Designer

UI / UX Designers

Craft engaging and well-designed digital products and experiences

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UI / UX Designers

Mid / Senior-Level Front End Developer

Build and optimise our visual design into interactive web applications

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Mid / Senior-Level Front End Developer

Learn and grow as apprentices

A fully paid, remote and immersive design apprenticeship with direct mentoring and guidance.


Delta Class

JUL – DEC 2023

Open to Malaysians. Application closed on May 8th, 2023 but go on and take a peek at our apprenticeship programme.

Stampede Design Delta Class

Your most fulfiling work, right here

  • Gain multi-industry experience

    You will be presented with a wide range of opportunities to collaborate with various products, enterprises and startups across multiple industries – locally and internationally. This multi-industry experience will help you develop and reach your fullest potential.

  • Grow together in a diverse team

    You will join a multidisciplinary, multicultural team that promotes being humble, hungry and smart. Your customised career path will be based on your Stampede team journey through continuous learning by doing, making, exploring, developing, researching and being curious about the world around us.

  • Supportive and purposeful work culture

    At Stampede, we believe in doing the right thing in all that we do. It is important that you know your why and apply it when you problem solve. Our supportive work environment will help you do just that – to thrive and create meaningful work.

  • Flexible remote working

    Stampede is a remote team since 2006, with our members and offices located worldwide. You get to work with a dream team remotely, which in turn affords us to solve wider global problems and recruit talents like yourself, who are not limited by our geographical radius.


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