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Make magic with us

Join our mighty team and create better worlds through thoughtful design and technology.

User interface designers

Blending visual excellence and human-centred principles into delightful, evocative user experiences that feel like second nature.

Positions available.
Product designers

Building groundbreaking products that solve present and future problems. And then getting them shipped.

Positions available.
UX designers

Transforming user insights into confident actions and crafting seamless journeys that users love and remember.

Positions available.
Project manager

Masterminds behind the curtain, transforming chaos into polished, on-time execution, with lots of humour and humanity.

Coming soon.

Full stack application developer

Coding heroes who bring the entire stack to life, making both servers and users happy.

Senior position available.
Front-end developer

Engineering user interfaces to life with a touch of code and a lot of wizardry.

Mid position available.
A team of makers

How we support your growth

Conferences and training

We allocate a budget for you to attend local and international conferences, workshops, and training programs to learn, grow, and network with industry leaders.

Innovation and depth

We encourage new ideas and bold experiments to nurture your innovative streak, while helping you deepen your skills through continuous learning and hands-on experience.

Promotion advocacy

Ready for a promotion? We’ll champion your advancement, making sure your hard work and talent get the recognition they deserve.

Professional development

We offer internal workshops, community of practices, mentorship programs, and a vast library of resources to help you sharpen your skills and grow professionally.

Collaborative environment

Join a diverse team of experts, where our culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration provide valuable insights to boost your career.

Supportive leadership

Our leaders are invested in your career growth, providing regular feedback, one-on-one meetings, and career planning sessions to guide and support your professional journey.


Meet your future colleagues


Your most fulfilling work, right here

We believe in fostering a supportive and thriving work environment where people are inspired to be their best selves and do their best work.

Competitive pay and benefits

We offer competitive salaries commensurate with experience, revised periodically to keep ahead of inflation. Beyond Malaysian EPF, SOCSO, and EIS, we look after your healthcare coverage and other life essentials like mental health and wellbeing.

Flexible remote working

Stampede has been a remote team since 2006, with members and offices worldwide. Work with a dream team remotely, solve global problems, and recruit talents like yourself who are not limited by geographical boundaries.

Gain multi-industry experience

Collaborate with a variety of products, enterprises, and startups across multiple industries, both locally and internationally. This diverse experience will help you develop and reach your fullest potential.

Grow together in a diverse team

Join a multidisciplinary, multicultural team that values humility, hunger, and intelligence, fostering continuous learning through doing, exploring, and being curious about the world.

Supportive and purposeful work culture

We believe in doing the right thing in all that we do. Knowing your why and applying it when problem-solving is crucial. Our supportive work environment helps you thrive and create meaningful work.

Life and work, integrated

We maintain a harmonious and positive dynamic between work and life, understanding fulfilment comes from both. Being family-friendly, we offer maternity and paternity leave and reduced-time work hours because those early years with little bub matter.

Employee benefits & perks

  • Mental health & wellness allowance
    Utilise monthly claimable therapy sessions for mental health and emotional support
  • Career progression framework
    Professional career framework to grow your craft and professional skills in the long-term
  • Healthcare coverage
    Insure your health with clinical, surgery, specialist and hospitalisation needs
  • Learning and development support
    Annual training budget for online courses or conferences, locally or internationally
  • Parental leave
    Care for your newborn with paid time off for both mothers and fathers (dads, we’ve got you)
  • Flexible working hours and location
    Work with an adjustable schedule and convenient location and actually practice work-life balance
  • Co-working space stipend
    Rent a co-working space in your city as you work remotely with the team
  • Fitness allowance
    Join fitness activities or stay in shape at the gym
  • 1-year anniversary milestone
    Bonus paid additional 5 days of leave after completing one year around the sun with Stampede
  • Disaster relief assistance
    Receive aid during natural disaster emergencies

Not the role you were looking for?

Don’t see an open position that matches your skills? Reach out to us anyway! We’re always excited to connect with talented individuals for future opportunities.