Mid / Senior UI Designers

We’re looking for UI designers of various levels to craft engaging and well-designed digital products and experiences.

  • Permanent
  • Remote
  • Malaysian
  • Full-time

What you will do

Your role as a UI Designer at Stampede will entail ideating, producing, validating and delivering successful digital products and services in the following capacity.

Visual & interaction design

You will be taking our UX strategy and translating it into UI design, working closely with our design, business and tech teams to deliver high-fidelity user interfaces that are elegant, useful and feasible. You’ll start by understanding the user, designing the information they need, then producing compelling visuals and engaging interactions that will become the highlight of their experience. Your canvas will include mobile and web applications as well as responsive websites. Sometimes, TV too.

As an extension to brand guidelines, the creation and management of cohesive design patterns and design systems will be a crucial aspect of your role. You get to ensure the application of consistent design language across a single product or a constellation of systems, and your work would influence how other designers do theirs.


You will be designing for businesses and teams with high appreciation for UX. Here you will learn how to untangle the chaos and uncertainty in problem space and lead a focused and purpose-driven execution of design solution. Joining our design sprints, you get to be part of the team that deliver critical product answers in 5 days. You will spend less time getting buy in and more time doing real design work. The craftsperson in you will like that a lot.

Design validation

We’re no good designers if we don’t measure whether our solution worked. You wouldn’t miss the chance to do that either. Testing, heuristic analysis and accessibility are second nature to Stampede designers. Every test session will be thoroughly done, findings crunched and recommendations implemented. At the end of the day, you will be handing over the product to the delivery team, confident in the validity of your design solution, thanks to data from the user.

UX design

As you delve deeper into your UI craft, UX research quickly becomes a critical skill in your toolbox. You will be speaking directly with the users to gain good insights of the problems they face, and then you get to solve it for them. In Stampede, you will get to experience the whole gamut of UX design process, including qualitative and quantitative research, UX audit, design sprint, information design, usability testing and service design. These skillsets would complement your UI design well, making you a highly effective and versatile designer.

Key requirements

  • Relevant academic qualifications in Design, IT, Engineering or related fields
  • Good technical design skill, knowledge and attention to detail
  • Prior experience as a UI Designer
  • Strong case study and portfolio of related projects
  • Proficient in design and prototyping tools (specifically Figma or XD)
  • Excellent communication skills and clear articulation of ideas, design rationale and recommendations
  • Strong and capable team player with track record of effective collaboration with with different stakeholders
  • Basic front-end development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) skills are a plus

Missing prior UX design experience?

Get relevant research and design experience through our Apprenticeship Program to prepare you for a solid career in the design industry. Join our next intake — Delta Class 2023.

about the apprenticeship

What matters to you

Doing the right thing

This is your true north. High integrity and ethical conduct mean a great deal to you. You would not hesitate to make decisions that are best for the greater good. And you would do this even when no one is watching. When having to choose between easy shortcuts or facing the discomfort of growth because it’s the right thing to do, you won’t even pause to choose. If you’ve read Simon Sinek, doing the right things is probably your why. It is also ours.

Collaboration and working with others

As a designer, you enjoy engaging with others, and you take an active interest in being a contributor and a positive influence on your team. Whether it’s users you’re designing for or team members you’re working with, you’re genuinely interested in their perspectives and needs that might be different from your own. You seek to understand others and develop empathy for people around you. You take ownership of your team’s goals and naturally enjoy working together to solve complex problems with clients and colleagues, even cross-functional teams. You go to great lengths to align everyone on a shared goal, and you share constructive feedback with your colleagues that comes from a place of care.

Solving problems, not gathering requirements

Problem-solving is second nature to you. You’re equally adept in both the problem and solutions spaces. The double diamond? You have seen the whole insides of it.

You don’t expect business to dictate to you the requirements. Instead, show you a problem, and you’ll work with others at the intersection of visual design, content and technology to get things cooking.

Your UX work is based on design, business and tech goals without losing focus on the user. Your solution is a constant balancing act between the business viability, technical feasibility and user’s desirability. As a designer, you have great respect for developers, and you care about translating UX value to the business. You know that design is not art and UX without ROI is no good.

Communicating clearly and empathically

You are a big fan of effective communication. As a researcher, advocating for the user through positive engagement with others is very important to you.

Your communication style is clear, professional, motivated, reflective and articulate. When faced with a complex problem, your style of communicating lends clarity and inspires action. When possible, you opt for visually communicating what you have in mind because it allows others to share that vision.

You write because it creates clarity. Through your written rationales, you walk others into your thought process for each UX design component and how they serve the product goal. Be it wireframes, sticky notes or a Miro board, you seek to make the abstract more tangible because shared understanding gets your team closer to the goal. At the end of the day, as a designer, you design people’s experience of interacting with you.

Seeing both the forests and the trees

You can deep dive and resurface in and out of multiple product designs without getting the bends. Your critical thinking and problem-solving skills are applicable to micro product detail, but you also appreciate the view offered at the product strategy level. Being a designer who is nimble allows you to adapt to the challenges ahead of you. Designing for multiple products and industries allows you to connect the dots so much faster and better than your contemporaries.

Employee benefits & perks

  • Mental health & wellness allowance
    Utilise monthly claimable therapy sessions for mental health and emotional support
  • Career progression framework
    Professional career framework to grow your craft and professional skills in the long-term
  • Healthcare coverage
    Insure your health with clinical, surgery, specialist and hospitalisation needs
  • Learning and development support
    Annual training budget for online courses or conferences, locally or internationally
  • 1-year anniversary milestone
    Bonus paid additional 5 days of leave after completing one year around the sun with Stampede
  • Flexible working hours and location
    Work with an adjustable schedule and convenient location and actually practice work-life balance
  • Co-working space stipend
    Rent a co-working space in your city as you work remotely with the team
  • Fitness allowance
    Join fitness activities or stay in shape at the gym
  • Parental leave
    Care for your newborn with paid time off for both mothers and fathers (dads, we’ve got you)
  • Disaster relief assistance
    Receive aid during natural disaster emergencies

Open positions

Associate UX Designer

Applying research and UX design knowledge to explore problems and design better experiences for products and services.

  • Permanent
  • Remote
  • Malaysian
  • Full-time


From RM3,600 – RM6,500 depending on experience.

Role requirements

  • 1 – 3 years of relevant experience
  • Diploma or Degree in Psychology, Statistics, Design, Information Systems, Engineering or related fields
  • Shows a good command and consistent quality in research execution and communication
  • Case studies covering user research execution — we encourage candidates to prepare one or two of their best work for consideration

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Middleweight UI Designer

Enabling teams to explore and solve complex product problems through the designs of structure and screens for digital products and services.

  • Permanent
  • Remote
  • Malaysian
  • Full-time


From MYR 5,400 – RM 7,200 depending on experience

Role requirements

  • 3 – 5 years of relevant experience
  • Diploma or Degree in Design, IT, Engineering or relevant fields
  • Information design and UI case study or portfolio
  • Experience in translating user research and testing to design execution

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Senior UI Designer

Ensuring the design execution and effective delivery of a complex system of product and services, solving its current problems and scalable to future needs.

  • Permanent
  • Remote
  • Malaysian
  • Full-time


From RM7,200 and above depending on experience

Role requirements

  • More than 5 years of relevant experience
  • Degree or Masters in Design, IT, Engineering or relevant fields
  • Systems design case study
  • Extensive portfolio in information and UI design
  • Experience in conducting user research and testing and leading data-informed design execution
  • Proven track record of leading design teams and working closely with stakeholders and non-design collaborators
  • Experience in leading the design process and management of a design system

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One last thing…

  • Applicants must be eligible to work in Malaysia.
  • We welcome remote applicants who are able and are happy to work closely with our Malaysian timezone (GMT +8).
  • EPF, SOCSO and EIS are provided.
  • Our work setup is a flexible hybrid of remote and/or together in various locations around the country.
  • Flexibility to travel occasionally — you may be joining our UX team at various client sites in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries and be directly engaging with users and businesses.
  • The selection process includes a 1-on-1 chat session, case study presentation and an interview with the team.
  • We value your time and will try our best to notify selected candidates within 2 weeks of receiving their applications.
  • Have a question for us? Drop us an email