We help these teams grow their present and future capability to design and engineer products and services at scale.

Your experience design and development partner

From user research to app development, we work alongside teams in Asia Pacific and the world to design, build and deliver better solutions to their end users. Here’s how we do it.

User research and strategy

We use multi-method research to bring product teams richer, technicolour clarity understanding of their users. These teams then are able to prioritise their effort to deliver products and services specific to those needs.

Product and service validation

The best teams test before they build. This reduces the uncertainties of guesswork and costly rollbacks. We experiment innovative ideas together, and then test them with real users early, quickly and smartly.

Design & development delivery

Our designers are well-versed in the business, design and technology behind products. They take great care in not only designing interfaces and design artefacts, but also experts in problem-shaping and future-proofing solutions. Our developers serve as effective bridge between design to the end user, from pixels to systems architecture. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification is in the works.

Training and capability development

As the leader in experience design in Malaysia, working with Stampede has the added advantage of unlocking bigger design capability in many organisations. Ask for our training program and masterclasses for yours.

“It was amazing to watch the team fleshing out a prototype that looks like the real service product in just one design sprint week!”

Mariam Parineh

Founder of VivaValet

“Malin+Goetz has been working with Stampede since 2006 and we couldn’t be any happier. In spite of the great difference from New York to Malaysia, we work closely with the team to promote future growth of our M+G brand all over the world.”

Andrew Goetz

Founder of Malin+Goetz

“Stampede has been instrumental in the success of DriveMark, helping us devise and test solutions to increase app engagement and cultivate safer driving habits among drivers in Malaysia.”

Syed Ahmad Fuqaha

Group CEO of Katsana Holdings


Stampede Makers is coming soon!

We host quarterly meetups where designers from different specialties and industries gather to learn from Stampede’s designers. Follow us for more updates!

The work we do

We blend deep expertise and infuse our footprints from various sectors to deliver lasting value to our clients. From energy to healthcare, healthier workplace and human rights, we’ve done it all.

Let’s work the problem

At Stampede, design and product development are collaborative and our approach is tailored specifically for your organisational goal and user success. Let’s discuss how we can get it right together.

Looking to solve a problem? Write to Wan

Wan Muthalib, Business Experience Executive