We have just launched www.utpconvofair.org, a celebration of the 8th Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Teknologi Petronas. To many, the university is a hallmark of excellence and prestige; to the three of us – it’s our very own alma mater.


The project is part tribute, part saying thanks and a whole lot of mixed feelings one gets looking down the most crazy 5 years of your coming to age. To the three of us – Dov, Ani and myself, being IT students means you’re not exactly expected to save the world – unlike our Engineering counterparts – so we busy ourselves with course projects. And by God there were many of them. But it also means we get to have more fun cause what we IT students didn’t have to do was stay in our room night after night reading few kgs of textbook. It was a bliss not to have Advanced Math decide your course of life.

My university life was decidedly uneventful. The girls I hang out with were all do-gooders in the loose, I always belong to the Sports Committee, I played field hockey, my class attendance depends on mutual consensus of friends (which radically declined during the last 2 semesters – mark my word, working on your final year project is the BEST excuse you can have). One thing I was good in was managing projects so I guess that says a lot of my current career choice as self-affirmed control freak.

One thing the university did teach us was that we’re the cream of the crop, the selected ones among the best. I don’t know how true this is considering that plenty of our dads know other dads, but it sure feels good to believe that despite the competitiveness, there’s a deeper sense of camaraderie born out of desperate nights, chanting answers to last year’s exam papers with undeterred hope that it’s about time the universe give you a break with the four-flat already.

So to fellow UTP graduates, have mercy on other souls!