A huge welcome (bear hugs and introduction to caffeine intake included) to our new Stampeedoligans – Shaiful Borhan and Ani Razale!

After a year of painstakingly searching and training and testing and yet another searching and training and testing, we have finally attained two of Malaysia’s best to add more flavour to the already saucy team. The number remains at 6 and although we had to let go a few familiar faces to make room for new talents to shine, I believe the present team radiates the right synergy and attitude to drive us to greater heights. Selective or choosy, the right kind of people don’t come by very often and in our case, a year of looking and a bit of luck at the right moment made a lot of difference.

SHAIFUL strikes us as a new breed of web enthusiast, with the eagerness and excitement towards work that can only be found in fresh-graduates. That kind of positive vibe rubs on us all, making everyone ridiculously giddy and happy to work along. Programming is a pretty personal affair here at Stampede – good programmer is difficult to come by, let alone train – but Shaiful has proven to be the kind of programmer who takes his own initiative at learning and welcomes challenge with an attitude that screams “BRING IT ON!”.

ANI – a long-time colleague and now Stampede’s resident SEO specialist – started her career in Accenture before switching gear to something closer at heart. A very detailed and thorough person all in all, Ani’s brilliance in professional copywriting and communication skill speaks of her experience and sensitivity towards clients needs. Always the one to say “dammit people, we can do this!” – her charming positivity towards work and readiness to learn new skills is vital to Stampede’s growth as a team.

Exciting talents, exciting time to be at Stampede!