Beginning this week in April, we’re hoping to do a small roundup of visually interesting things that we came across the web for the past 7 days. It’s our own time-capsule so when we get old and cranky, we’ll be reminded of the era of awesome.

The Rework Illustrations

rework illustration

Rework is a brand new book by 37Signals, a bunch of smartasses who hypnotize people into throwing away the usual management shenanigans and in return bestows us mere mortals wholesome web apps you quickly cannot live without.

They’re the new world order.

See the illustrated version of the book by Mike Rhode. Anyone up for printing these bad boys?

7 Rules to Understand Design & Designers

7 Rules to Understand Design & Designers

Rule #5: Good design can be planned, but great design just happened. My favourite.
Get it here.

10 Reasons to Avoid Talking on the Phone

10 Reasons to avoid talking on the phone

I’m no fan of phone conversation – they’re difficult to track, have plenty of room for misinterpretation and frankly you have to filter through a lot of noises to actually get to to the point. Fantastic and spot-on observation as usual from The Oatmeal.

(via @swissmiss)