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Capability development

Scaling Design Maturity: Enhance UX Impact

What is design maturity, and how can it drive meaningful innovation and growth? This was the big question I asked myself in mind before writing this blog. I came across several articles and they explained what design maturity is comprehensively. Some share a structured model, and some view it as a progressive scale. One thing… Keep reading

User research and strategy

Part 2: Learnings from World Usability Congress

So have you read about some context about the conference in Part 1? Well, we shared a little about the event orchestrations in the previous blog. Now, let’s focus on the next part. We attended the workshops on Day 2 of the Focus Days and also talked on the latter Conference Days. Following are the… Keep reading

User research and strategy

Part 1: World Usability Congress x Stampede

Stampede team has always strived to stretch the design world beyond meeting the current industry standards; we’re here to redefine it. We aim to always keep excellence as our standard, stretching beyond just design execution. We are dedicated to elevate design, marrying strategy with innovation to chart new territories. In achieving this, Shaza, our co-founder… Keep reading