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How I Got the Crazy Opportunity to be a UI/UX Apprentice for Stampede

Me (on the left) with my eventual supervisor, Zo-Ee.   A story on how attending a conference, some serendipity, and writing articles led to me interning remotely for Stampede Hi there, I’m Brian Tan, a 4th year student from Manila here in the Philippines. It’s been 4 days of me working as a UI/UX apprentice… Keep reading


Being a Developer Hero: An Interview with Zulfa Juniadi


"I believe that if you are good at something, you should contribute back to the community wherever possible." We speak to Zulfa Juniadi on coding, teaching AngularJS, balancing life & work and paying it forward to the programming community. Keep Reading


UX and Startups: An Interview with Linda Rasip

Startups offer the most exciting opportunities for UX designers. We speak to Linda Aidiel, CTO of Aleph One, on UX-ing in a challenging yet rewarding startups environment. Keep Reading


Journey Made Possible: An Interview with Syed Ahmad Fuqaha

As part of our Working Remote series, Zana and Shaza speak to Fuqaha of Katsana on running a remote team, the importance of getting it right and Katsana's strength. Keep Reading


Purely Passionate: An Interview with Jesrina Arshad

Making healthy living easy and convenient, Shaza and Zana get the chance to talk to CEO & Founder of PurelyB, Jesrina Arshad about building a product she is so passionate in and how it had changed lives. Keep Reading


A Leap of Faith: An Interview with Danish Mumtaz from Motopedia

We recently launched Motopedia, a portal on the latest, unbiased car reviews and comparisons across the UAE and the GCC region. Shaiful Borhan and Zana Fauzi had the chance to talk to Danish Mumtaz, Motopedia's main guy where they gushed about cars & talked about how Danish chanced upon Stampede, before the rest is history. Keep Reading


For the Love of Pantoun: An Interview with Jérôme Bouchaud

Zana chatted with Jérôme on the new Pantun Sayang website & found out that we are now responsible to amend the world-changing mistake of the great French poet Victor Hugo. Keep Reading


A Day In The Life of: Shaiful Borhan

Meet Shaiful Borhan, Web Analyst & Developer for Stampede. Easily the most positive person in the team, he talks about self-reward, the importance of rest & practical tips for aspiring programmers. Keep Reading


Putting Users First: An Interview with Michael Heraghty

Brimming with positivity, Michael talks about his earliest days building User Journeys, how usability concept has grown tremendously over the years and how that first email to Stampede started it all. Keep Reading


Connection through Conversation: An Interview with Lilyana Latiff

In between references to pop culture, Joota's Co-Founder Lilyana Latiff shares how Joota has been her life-defining passion and how the platform is set to empower the knowledge sharing revolution. Keep Reading