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Generating TaffyDB Data File from Google Sheets

Shaiful shares some cool coding tricks using Google App Scripts for converting tabular data from Google Sheets to the format understood by a Javascript database called TaffyDB. Keep Reading


Customizing BigCommerce and Shopify

With the abundance of Saas (Software as a Service) e-Commerce services, it must be hard to pick one for your business. Here Shaiful helps you to decide between two of his favourite ones. Keep Reading


Speed Matters

It is fairly unacceptable to have slow loading websites these days, so Shen decides to elaborate why speed matters and what we can do to speed things up. Keep Reading


Improving navigation on large accordion content panels

Accordions are one way to improve content presentation in a website, but when they get vertically huge they can be quite a navigational nightmare. Shaiful shows you the solution using an awesome jQuery workaround. Keep Reading


Debugging mobile website through user agents

Iwan's wishful thinking was to have the 'inspect element' option available on his mobile browser, until he found a better solution. Keep Reading


Workaround for dropdown menu hover on mobile browsers

Shaiful is back, this time with some tips on making dropdown menu hover interaction work on mobile browsers. Keep Reading


Sticky Post Slider in WordPress without a Plugin

A slider gives draws the attention to the blog posts selected by the owner and allows the visitors to quickly glance through some of the best posts. It is a smart and welcomed way to promote the blog with its own posts. Many blog owners seek help from various plugins to achieve the slider for featured posts. But Guo Lin prefers to code it directly in the theme he works on, while using the existing 'Sticky Post' feature in WordPress to achieve the same effect. Keep Reading


Easy Way to Generate Complex Excel Spreadsheet Programmatically

In one of his projects, one of the requirements was the system must be able to produce an official form document in Excel spreadsheet with precise formatting that will look consistent when printed. Like the smooth strumming of his guitar, Shaiful shares a quick workaround on how to generate complicated Excel documents from your application. Keep Reading


Super Firefox Extensions

As web developers, we are often caught in the situation where the things don't go too well. Working or troubleshooting with normal HTML takes times. Syazwan discloses four of his most favourite Firefox extensions that no developers can ignore without losing sleep. Keep Reading


Easy Bookmarking with AddThis

AddThis is a neat little tool embedded into a webpage to make bookmarking and link sharing easier, more interactive and not to mention, cooler too. Here's how you customize AddThis while keeping the W3C validator happy. Keep Reading