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Remote Work

A City of Our Own Part IV: Batu Pahat

There are no other places that Guo Lin loves as much as his beloved hometown Batu Pahat, which can be translated as "chiselled rock" in English. The town is just the perfect ratio of blend between serenity and modernisation that he would not be able to find in another place. Here he proudly shares about the town where he was born and grew up in. Keep Reading


Sticky Post Slider in WordPress without a Plugin

A slider gives draws the attention to the blog posts selected by the owner and allows the visitors to quickly glance through some of the best posts. It is a smart and welcomed way to promote the blog with its own posts. Many blog owners seek help from various plugins to achieve the slider for featured posts. But Guo Lin prefers to code it directly in the theme he works on, while using the existing 'Sticky Post' feature in WordPress to achieve the same effect. Keep Reading

User Experience

My Maybank2u Experience

Despite being the most visited Malaysian website, Guo Lin thinks that Maybank2u is being an itch to him - it does not take lead in adopting web technologies and employing smarter user experience design. Guo Lin shares his take and suggestions on how to improve this. Keep Reading