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Finding Inspiration for UI/UX Design

I recently did a knowledge-sharing session with my colleagues on how to find design inspirations outside of the Internet and why it is valuable to find them through other means. This article discusses how I find inspiration and stay stimulated to design. Why is finding inspiration an essential process of design? Finding inspiration is the process… Keep reading


Creative Burst #22

This week, Wan found out that painting skulls in acrylic actually help him sleep better. Meanwhile, Shaza attempted to do flat design without exclaiming "Rainbow unicorns!" too much and Zana imagined a scratch postcard as memento of her recent adventures. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #21

This week, it's all about bringing design solutions to life. Wan gif-ed up UI designs for mobile to make them look interactive, Shaza sexy-fied our random quotes from work in the form of typographic posters while Zana demanded more interaction out of LinkedIn. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #20

Pop culture is helped shaped by designers. This week, Wan rather went Twilight-esque with his sketch of a wolf (hellow, Taylor), Shaza went googling for Kirk's Captain's log and what makes Superman, well, Superman, and Zana brought sexy back to museums. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #19

Wan did a high-res iPhone 5 template you can download, Shaza outlined her thought process of designing an e-newsletter for Stampede clients and Zana turned her school's e-book problem into an opportunity to think creatively. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #18

This week on Creative Burst: Wan designed a music player app for fans of rock 'n' roll, Shaza experimented with color pairings and Zana went subversive with her Powerpoint flat design. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #17

In this week's Creative Burst, we forgo flat design for realistic appeal, substituted Photoshop with lo-tech web design and discussed how sense of inclusion is key to engaging users. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #16

Every Friday, some of us at Stampede will hunch over our desks, designing anything we want for two hours. We thought it would be nice to share the results of each Creative Burst. Keep Reading


Creative Burst: e-Book Reader

Shaza recently designed her own ebook reader app to delight the crazy book person in her. Keep Reading


5 Rules for a Creative Culture

Ben Chestnut, the founder of Mailchimp, everyone's beloved mailing list management app, posted guidelines where he grants employees permission to be creative. Hire weird people - check! Encourage employees to create chaos - double check! Keep Reading