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User Experience

Designing better surveys: obtaining qualitative insights through quantitative means

User research is the backbone of UX, helping us uncover what users really want and need, leading to better-informed design decisions and ultimately, more successful products. We had an opportunity to truly implement this with a global bioscience client when they wanted to find out what their employees thought of the company’s internal IT services.… Keep reading


Getting to Know Agile Development

Zana speaks about embracing the agile approach, the process by which projects can be managed and implemented in small chunks of work. Small victories. Keep Reading


Mighty Things

We've just launched the new Stampede website (yay!) so here's Shaza saying thanks to all the wonderful people who made it happen. Also, find out things in the work at Stampede. Keep Reading


Connect Cuba is launched today!

The team has successfully launched the website for Connect Cuba in time for the campaign launch! We are excited to be part of this movement to empower the Cuban civil society to communicate freely with each other and the world. Keep Reading


A Day In The Life of a Project Manager

Zana the Wonder Woman tells you to sit down so she could relay on how her typical schedule in Stampede looks like. Also, she gets to use the word oftentimes, which makes her giddy. Keep Reading


Immensity of the sea

Every day is an adventure for Zana the Project Manager! Keep Reading


Vote for Langkawi LASSie!

Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation (LASSie) is part of Stampede Do Good initiative. Vote to help care for abandoned dogs and cats in Langkawi. Vote for kindness. Keep Reading


Soaring High: Go Eastern Eagles’ New Look

Zana had the chance to sit with her awesome team throughout the 30-hour deployment for the new look of Go Eastern Eagles & is now stoked to share the nitty-gritty details of what makes the site so special. Keep Reading


Managing Web Projects and People

As a project manager and a virtual one at that, Anita came across articles that shed a new light on her daily job scope and the different personalities of people she's involved with. As experience alone is not enough to grow, she still have plenty to learn and in the process. Here she shares articles that she hopes to be useful to the readers. Keep Reading


Launching Real Soon

Stampede v3 is the most ambitious project we have done for ourselves. But when it is finally launched, you may find it look way simpler than the actual effort - that is because the team members share the very same values that have prevailed ever since the early days of Stampede. Watch out for us. Keep Reading