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On Good Communication

Anita Zein writes about the importance of communicating good especially in the wonderful chaos that comes with her project management turf. Good communication attracts great clients and bring about the happiest of team. Keep Reading


White Sails and the Sea

The Royal Langkawi International Regatta is an annual, prestigious yacht race with yachts from all over the world competing in this 5-day event. It was Syazwan's first time updating the website with real-time race results. There was so much to do, but then again, the guy gets to party every night on a tropical island. Keep Reading


The Project Manager writes…

Stampede was close to launching one of the biggest e-commerce project in our portfolio yet. It's a huge online store - a project by one of our client from the States. Anita writes about what it takes to manage the project and how she had fun while doing it. Keep Reading


The Modal Rebrand

Nailing a new color theme, getting the typography right, translating pixel details and white space accurately into xhtml/css, applying subtle mootools effect without compromising originality of the design. All that stuff. Keep Reading


Convofair ’08 Launched!

We have just launched, a celebration of the 8th Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Teknologi Petronas. To many, the university is a hallmark of excellence and prestige; to the three of us - it's our very own alma mater. Keep Reading