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My Favourite Dudes

A project requires many things: fulfillment of responsibilities, good cooperation, effective communication and the awareness to be your own leaders. When everyone shines at meeting the demands of their specific roles in a project whilst having so much fun, the project manager can sleep peacefully at night. Have a look at how we do it. Keep Reading


Managing Web Projects and People

As a project manager and a virtual one at that, Anita came across articles that shed a new light on her daily job scope and the different personalities of people she's involved with. As experience alone is not enough to grow, she still have plenty to learn and in the process. Here she shares articles that she hopes to be useful to the readers. Keep Reading


On Good Communication

Anita Zein writes about the importance of communicating good especially in the wonderful chaos that comes with her project management turf. Good communication attracts great clients and bring about the happiest of team. Keep Reading


This Is How We Do It

We often get questions from many out there who wonders about our unique work culture. Anita gives a sneak peek to the diverse work environment at Stampede that makes us the great team we are. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own Part I: Medan

Anita Zein talks fondly of her best city in the world and how finding its charm is really just a matter of perspective. Keep Reading


The Project Manager writes…

Stampede was close to launching one of the biggest e-commerce project in our portfolio yet. It's a huge online store - a project by one of our client from the States. Anita writes about what it takes to manage the project and how she had fun while doing it. Keep Reading