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Accessing Your Computer Using a Smartphone

Gone are the days when you have to be physically present in front of your computer to access your files. Syazwan Hakim shares some tips and tools on how to access your computer through your smartphone. Keep Reading


Review on Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Just like every smartphone owner, Sani is often frustrated about the fast battery consumption. Hence when he recently bought a new powerbank - a Xiaomi Mi at that, he isn't reluctant to let us know how it goes. Keep Reading


Alternative for Maybank2u Mobile App

While Maybank2U mobile app is convenient for your banking on the go, it does have its limitations for services. Syazwan shows how to get the full functionality, fast and easy. Keep Reading


How to Transfer Large Files Between Android Devices

Android users - worry no more about sending those huge cat videos over between devices! Syazwan, our resident Android purist will show you how. Keep Reading



Shen describes his relationship with his mechanical keyboard, and why it can be a zen experience. Keep Reading


Samsung Galaxy S2 WiFi Issue

Shaiful relives his ordeal with SGS2's notorious hardware-related WiFi issue that requires a full replacement of the mainboard to fix. Spoiler: It ended well. Keep Reading


S in iOs5 stands for ‘sweet’!

Resident Apple fanboy, Mujib shares his enthusiasm and his journey towards becoming an elitist in Apple fandom, much to Syazwan the Android Purist's chagrin. With the roll-out of iOS5 and the newly launched iPhone 4S, he was so stoked to bare it all. Hang on tight. Keep Reading