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Remote Work


There is always the first time for everything – like being dragged along with your Creative Lead and your Project Manager to watch a poetry show across the Causeway. At least, that has happened to Sani. Keep Reading


Running Stampede Constructs

Staying true to our culture of knowledge sharing and giving, Sani shares his experience of running Constructs, our resident curated content miniblog on front-end development. Keep Reading


The Making of SKROLS

Sani was recently given an assignment to design and develop his own website from scratch. Underneath our hovering, he captures its tale in this blog post. Keep Reading


Review on Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Just like every smartphone owner, Sani is often frustrated about the fast battery consumption. Hence when he recently bought a new powerbank - a Xiaomi Mi at that, he isn't reluctant to let us know how it goes. Keep Reading


Let’s Go Inline Skating!

Sani is stoked to share with us about his inline skating hobby. Caution: Do not mention the word 'rollerblading' in front of him. Keep Reading


CSS Sprite Technique

Learning new things and sharing what he has learned have always been exciting to Sani. Here he will show you how to produce CSS sliding door technique in his first ever tutorial in the blog. Keep Reading


The New Kid On The Block

sani stampede

Rookie Sani fills us in about his first few weeks with Stampede, of the importance of self-learning initiatives and how he (and the rest of us) had been faring so far. (Note: We have always been in our best behaviour. Promise.) Keep Reading