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ELI5: The Big-O Notation

Shen, who is always full of surprises, decides to enlighten us on The Big-O Notation. Something geeky for a change! Keep Reading


Speed Matters

It is fairly unacceptable to have slow loading websites these days, so Shen decides to elaborate why speed matters and what we can do to speed things up. Keep Reading



Shen describes his relationship with his mechanical keyboard, and why it can be a zen experience. Keep Reading

User Experience

Software Wars: Toggl vs Harvest

Realising how important time tracking software is, Shen takes a look at two of the most widely-used ones - Harvest and our beloved Toggl. Keep Reading


The Joy Of Teaching

Shen joined the Stampede Design family six months ago and had his fair share of learning from the team's senior developers. With Stampede's recent bouts of hiring, he has recently discovered that teaching is sweet. It's payback time. Keep Reading