As a project manager and a virtual one at that, I came across articles that shed a new light on my daily job scope and the different personalities of people I’m involved with. Being aware of what individuals aspire to helps me manage people and their tasks better. As experience alone is not enough to grow, I still have plenty to learn and in the process, I will share articles that I hope will be useful to the readers.

Are You the Boss You Need To Be?

For the very first time I hear my thoughts echoed in another person’s article – that man is a living resource that will continue to grow. I find this very true – my own work environment is full of creative people who would never stop learning and growing. I’ve been thinking all this time that, if only one or two people agree with my opinion, it’s probably not strong enough idea to be thought further and shared. The validation by this article makes me really happy.

I managed to take sometime this month to stop thinking about work for a while and instead, settle a few little (but aggravating) personal affairs of mine. I don’t think it’s not possible for someone whose life is unorganized, unplanned and without sold direction to be able to manage so many tasks and care for so many people. All should start from our own selves.

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10 Ways to Boost Creativity

Prior to managing and motivating others, you need to manage and motivate yourself. Being creative at work begins with you feeling comfortable with yourself and your work space. Make effort to understand the problem and be careful when passing judgment. When making decision, involve people who understand the issues and exchange ideas with them. We should all treat each other the way we want to be treated, because in a team, the role of every person is equally important.

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Don’t Let “Post-Holiday” Letdown Threaten Your Remote Team

There are moments during a long vacation when I feel uncomfortable not thinking about work. Vacations are actually good opportunities to reflect and formulate new plans, as there aren’t scheduled activities to keep you occupied. Staying connected and keeping everyone on the team aware of what’s going on is primary. Upon returning from holidays, team members should be able to ease back into their work environment and teamwork atmosphere. A back-from-holiday welcome would also show them that they are greatly appreciated, anticipated and a joy to have back.

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Keeping Your Team Productive and Happy During the Holidays Ain’t Easy – But It’s Important

Prior to any holidays, it’s crucial to note everyone’s days off, organize their tasks according to priority and complete the most important tasks first. It pays to know people’s habits and arrange for help or back-up plan around their unavailability. Not all surprises are good.

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Effective Ways to Use Anger in the Office

There were times when I felt like losing control of the anger that resulted from personal or job-related issues. But now the good news .. It is completely normal when it happens occasionally. Not every negative energy must be channeled in negative manners. Instead of turning it into disaster, use the anger as energy solver. Be in control and focus on issues that are within your reach to resolve.

NOTE: Do not engage too long with people who make you angry. Either resolve it or walk away.

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How to Manage Criticism Effectively

Responding to criticism with a negative attitude will only hinder your opportunity to grow. Criticism is a chance to correct mistakes and challenge yourself to attain more. People will not waste their time to think about you, let you know your mistakes and give suggestions to improve if you are not very important to them or believe that you are able to do better. Analyze the criticism by understanding yourself. If it is proven true and you acknowledge it, take action to fix it immediately. When it is false, do not sweat it.

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10 Ways to Stop Communication Overload

Keep communication simple, centralized and effective.

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Reasons to Work

Last but not least, if you are the right man in the right place, and all of your needs are met, you feel very important and special by your presence in this world, then you’ll be happy to work for the rest of your life.

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