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For the Love of Pantoun: An Interview with Jérôme Bouchaud

Zana chatted with Jérôme on the new Pantun Sayang website & found out that we are now responsible to amend the world-changing mistake of the great French poet Victor Hugo. Keep Reading


A Day In The Life of: Shaiful Borhan

Meet Shaiful Borhan, Web Analyst & Developer for Stampede. Easily the most positive person in the team, he talks about self-reward, the importance of rest & practical tips for aspiring programmers. Keep Reading


Putting Users First: An Interview with Michael Heraghty

Brimming with positivity, Michael talks about his earliest days building User Journeys, how usability concept has grown tremendously over the years and how that first email to Stampede started it all. Keep Reading


Connection through Conversation: An Interview with Lilyana Latiff

In between references to pop culture, Joota's Co-Founder Lilyana Latiff shares how Joota has been her life-defining passion and how the platform is set to empower the knowledge sharing revolution. Keep Reading


A Day In the Life of: Shaza Hakim


Welcome to the first instalment of A Day In The Life Of series, where we shall feature every team member in Stampede about how we go through typical work day. To kick off the series, here is our very own Shaza Hakim. Keep Reading


Amplifying the Voices of Cuba: An Interview with Jose Martinez

Earlier this year, Stampede launched a new website for the FHRCuba. Being one of the most inspiring, world-changing projects Stampede has the chance to be part of, Zana talked to Jose about its implementation, and left awestruck. Keep Reading


Graphene—The Road to Million Downloads: An Interview with Syahir Hakim

Syahir Hakim is the developer behind the wildly popular and free wordpress theme - Graphene. The theme recently surpassed half a million downloads and Syahir gave an interview on Graphene's early days and how the only computer class he had taken was a quick 2-hour tutorial by Shaza. Keep Reading


Weekly Bits #1

Small roundup of visually interesting things that we came across the web for the past 7 days. It's our own time-capsule so when we get old and cranky, we'll be reminded of the era of awesome. Keep Reading


3 Years Later…

It's crazy. It has been three years since Bird Malaysia first launched and we're still getting reviews from design galleries and making it into "n-list of Website with Awesome footer/navigation/header/color Design" blog posts. Keep Reading


Be Sparing

Shaza's earliest memory of books was when her dad took her to her first book fair on his hip Scrambler bike. It was a noisy piece of metal but it was yellow and she loved it. Where others have gadgets and tutorials to help them get better with design, she has her trusty, unassuming, delicious books. Keep Reading