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Severn Suzuki’s Earth Summit 1992 Speech

When reading, Shaza scribbles notes of interesting and important excerpts that she can later share with others. One of the most important she came across by far, was a transcript of the speech given by Severn Suzuki, then a 12-year-old, who stood in front of the delegations of 1992 Rio de Janeiro's Earth Summit. Keep Reading


The Good Things in Life

When you live in Langkawi, you are enveloped by nature. You wake up in the morning to bird songs, inhale a deep breath of fresh air and greet the regular racket-tailed drongos that come to visit your office window. Breakfast becomes a leisurely routine with a good book and a cup of coffee. Keep Reading


Well-rounded All In All

The single best real-life industry-smart lesson I've had during my university years was served by Mr Amzairi Amar, lecturer of then Small Business & Entrepreneurship class. He thought me the fundamentals of having a sound business plan before venturing into a business but most importantly, how to stand on your own when you need to. Keep Reading