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User research and strategy

Application of Hybrid Research Method to Uncover the Right problem

Stampede offers various solution services to address client’s problems, across the world and Malaysia – one of them being service design, to address problems pertaining to workflow beyond the digital realm propose solutions for them. At one point we were conducting research for service improvement of a client from the energy industry, and we investigated… Keep reading

User research and strategy

10 Lessons from Designing A Product

When I first joined Toro, which is a product team in Stampede (, the team was in the midst of a sprint. For those who are not familiar with sprint, it is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review, usually involving the product owner,… Keep reading

User Experience

Finding Inspiration for UI/UX Design

I recently did a knowledge-sharing session with my colleagues on how to find design inspirations outside of the Internet and why it is valuable to find them through other means. This article discusses how I find inspiration and stay stimulated to design. Why is finding inspiration an essential process of design? Finding inspiration is the process… Keep reading


Designing with Development in Mind

A good UX designer ensures that their designs are technically feasible and reasonable to execute in code. In other words, you need to talk to developers and know what kinds of code-related limitations there are in order to prioritise practical solutions and execution. This means that not all designs can or should be made! As… Keep reading


Getting Up to Speed: Rapid-fire Design


Viki came from a more generic design background where UI/UX was part of the job, and not the core. To get real about UI/UX design, she knows she has some serious leveling up to do. We assigned her some intense design training regimen. This is her story. Keep Reading

User Experience

Microinteractions: Details that Are Not the Details

We have seen microinteractions - we encounter them every day. Here are some rundown on microinteractions and how they could help make or break the website. Keep Reading


Transitioning from Print to Digital Design

If you have thought about making the transition from print design to its digital counterpart, let our content strategist Jared help you by taking a look at some essential preparations needed before taking the leap. Keep Reading

UI Design

The Evolution of E-Newsletters

Email newsletter is one of the most versatile business tools to reach customers. What's interesting is the recent trend of individuals, people like you and me sharing personalised, curated email newsletters. Zana takes a look into this trend and shares some of her personal favourite newsletters. Keep Reading


My Internship Experience: Part 2

Anis Ayuni is back, sharing her experience interning for Stampede in this second instalment of blog series - before she goes out into the real world & kick some arse! Keep Reading


GST Blues Explained

The talk of the town these few weeks is about the Goods & Services Tax (GST). Here's an infographic to help reduce the confusion of its implementation. Keep Reading