Hi, Anis here, back for the second part of my internship experience at Stampede. Buckle up and let’s bounce!

(This is a continuation of my first post here.)

You are the master of your fate

Building C-Lyrics

Previously I mentioned about my main assignment, which is building a lyrics database website from scratch I am going to call C-Lyrics.

You heard it right people. I shall be the project manager, the designer, the front end developer and the programmer. It was to be completed within 3 months, which is the duration of my internship.

C-Lyrics project is supposed to sharpen my skills of the subjects I had been taught at the university, where I learned the theory of programming and how to code. On top of that, it will also give me some experience on putting on the hats on many different roles at a web agency – project manager, designer, front end developer and programmer.

I had never created a native app for any platforms from scratch. Thinking about it now, I had no idea what I was up against. Tough work, but as always I am up for it.

Let the fun begins (actually terrified).

Project management & design

After discussing with Shaza on the precise requirements on building a lyrics database website, Zana helped me to set up a Basecamp project and walked me through project management workflow – so it is like a real client project. The pressure!

First challenge: design. I have to make use of my non-existent design skills to create a few templates based on the Bootstrap grid. Luckily, Dahlia was there to help. She held a Photoshop class for me every Monday where she would teach me how to use the tools and some design tips as well as giving me assignments. The classes definitely have helped a lot in helping me wireframe and design C-Lyrics.

During design and wireframe stage, apart from the Photoshop classes, Shaza and Dahlia had given me a lot of tips and examples from the client projects they have done before. This is to ensure that my work is at par with their work – if you remember from the first post, I mentioned that most of their work are all over the world! Another pressure.

It took me two weeks to complete both the designs and wireframes for all templates. Wireframes helped a lot for me to decide the elements on my website – buttons, navigations, photos, text and many more. Once the wireframes were approved, I moved on to design.

C-Lyrics master design

It was a bit harder than wireframing, because once I design, I have to think of how it will work when I code them later in Bootstrap grid. It took me a while to understand how to sync those, hence I was grateful to have my designs meticulously reviewed by both Shaza and Dahlia. On top of that, I did not only design for desktop, I also had to did the designs for mobile and tablet view since C-Lyrics is going to be responsive. Phew!

It was a definite relief after the designs were approved after a few rounds. Next!

Moving on to HTML/CSS

At the risk of sounding like a brag, HTML/CSS was quite easy for me because I had already been learning front-end development in university. I actually was ahead of the schedule!

On top of that, it was also because Sani, the front end developer, had been having HTML/CSS classes for me every Thursday. This gives a chance for me to review and revise my work with him while also learning some new tips on front-end. Zana also recommended me to do my own learning via Codecademy of which was really user-friendly and definitely had helped me a lot in finishing my assignment. Iwan and Sani had been incredibly helpful when I harassed them with questions about my project – thank you so much!

Since I finished my HTML/CSS part of the project ahead of time, Zana tweeted me this meme:

Obama Certificate of Achievement


For programming, Shaiful had been holding PHP classes for me every Wednesday and had been offering such tremendous help in templating my website. The database and content for the lyrics website were stored in WordPress hence I got to learn WordPress too. In my opinion WordPress is pretty cool – it’s blog based, easy to learn and familiarise and I did not have to spend much time in organising my database using WordPress.

PHP, however, is a different story.

It was quite a struggle for me, since this was my first time using it. I had no idea how many times I had been harassing Shaiful to help me with PHP but fortunately, Shaiful being Shaiful, was always cool. Definitely was impressed at how amazing programmers are now, and hoping someday I will be as good as they are.

On being a Stampede alumni

Despite not being able to finish my lyrics website, I learned a lot while being an intern in Stampede. This is not only in terms of technical skills, but also in soft skills such as communication, teamwork, self-discipline, time management and many more.

Stampede Dinner at SunCafe

I guess the most valuable thing I had ever learned in Stampede was how much they believed in me. Here I am, an intern, surrounded by an all-star team members – yet everyday they would spend countless hours helping me with my project. More so than gaining something from me, I gained a lot from my first working experience at Stampede.

I found the best team members, and most importantly, another family. Thank you for the wild, yet exciting ride Stampede. I’ m so lucky to be able to work alongside you guys.

Shaza and Anis at Tomato Restaurant

On my last day at Stampede, one comment from Shaza stuck most, “Now that you are one of the girls in tech, go out into the world and time to kick arse! Also never hesitate to help others especially fellow girls in tech.”

And so shall I!

Do good Stampede, like you always do. Keep in touch!