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Designing with Development in Mind

A good UX designer ensures that their designs are technically feasible and reasonable to execute in code. In other words, you need to talk to developers and know what kinds of code-related limitations there are in order to prioritise practical solutions and execution. This means that not all designs can or should be made! As… Keep reading


Getting to Know Agile Development

Zana speaks about embracing the agile approach, the process by which projects can be managed and implemented in small chunks of work. Small victories. Keep Reading


From Campus to Stampede

The following tells the tale of Hakim, our web developer who has recently come on board. It is a journey from his days at campus to how he joined us Stampede. This is his story. Keep Reading


Embedding Forms in Bigcommerce Using Google Forms

Bigcommerce out of the box sports a decent contact form that is usable for everyone 99% of the time. However, things get a little tricky if we need to add in a few extra fields in there or even a whole new form. Shaiful walks you through on how to take advantage of Google Forms to host custom forms in BigCommerce. Keep Reading


Showing Selected Product Variant Image in Shopify Product Slideshow

Believe it or not, some little features on product slideshows would make all the big difference to your sales. Shaiful shows how to customise the slideshow in Shopify. Keep Reading


My Internship Experience: Part 2

Anis Ayuni is back, sharing her experience interning for Stampede in this second instalment of blog series - before she goes out into the real world & kick some arse! Keep Reading


My Internship Experience: Part 1

On serendipity, work professionalism and rising above the challenge to build her own website in less than 90 days, Anis Ayuni shares her first month experience interning at Stampede. Keep Reading


Running a Social Media Campaign

In her entire life, Zana had never uttered the words "Valentine's Day" just as much as she had during the past month, as she had to run a campaign for the said event. Here's what happened. Keep Reading


WordPress CPT Solutions Comparison: Pods vs Types

Pods and Types are Shaiful's two favourite solutions when it comes to WordPress' custom post types. Here he will help you decide on the best one for you, depending on your project requirements. Keep Reading


Running Stampede Constructs

Staying true to our culture of knowledge sharing and giving, Sani shares his experience of running Constructs, our resident curated content miniblog on front-end development. Keep Reading