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Responsive Bootstrap Push Menu Tutorial

Responsive Bootstrap Push Menu is a combination of Bootstrap & jPushMenu plugin, for better viewing on mobile. Requiring HTML, CSS and Javascript, Syazwan shows the tutorial on how to achieve the effect. Keep Reading


The Making of SKROLS

Sani was recently given an assignment to design and develop his own website from scratch. Underneath our hovering, he captures its tale in this blog post. Keep Reading


A Day In The Life of: Shaiful Borhan

Meet Shaiful Borhan, Web Analyst & Developer for Stampede. Easily the most positive person in the team, he talks about self-reward, the importance of rest & practical tips for aspiring programmers. Keep Reading


Generating TaffyDB Data File from Google Sheets

Shaiful shares some cool coding tricks using Google App Scripts for converting tabular data from Google Sheets to the format understood by a Javascript database called TaffyDB. Keep Reading


CSS Sprite Technique

Learning new things and sharing what he has learned have always been exciting to Sani. Here he will show you how to produce CSS sliding door technique in his first ever tutorial in the blog. Keep Reading


Customizing BigCommerce and Shopify

With the abundance of Saas (Software as a Service) e-Commerce services, it must be hard to pick one for your business. Here Shaiful helps you to decide between two of his favourite ones. Keep Reading


Improving navigation on large accordion content panels

Accordions are one way to improve content presentation in a website, but when they get vertically huge they can be quite a navigational nightmare. Shaiful shows you the solution using an awesome jQuery workaround. Keep Reading


Towards responsiveness: Part 2

3 weeks ago, Wan briefed us the idea of having a responsive website and the purpose behind it. In the final instalment, he will elaborate on further. Keep Reading


Debugging mobile website through user agents

Iwan's wishful thinking was to have the 'inspect element' option available on his mobile browser, until he found a better solution. Keep Reading


Towards responsiveness: Part 1

Wan is entrusted to work on his first responsive design project for Royal Langkawi International Regatta. Here, he bares it all as the first instalment. Keep Reading