Let me elaborate. I read an article by programmer Joel Spolsky, Big Macs vs The Naked Chef – comparing a McDonald’s cook and Jamie Oliver from the Naked Chef.

Behind every successful project there is a set of really awesome people.

A McDonald’s cook follow a set of detailed instructions whilst Jamie just pinches in a bit of salt and throws in a little bit of rosemary – within his workspace is a flurry of willy-nilly ingredients tossed aside. In the end we all would come to an agreement that Jamie’s cooking tastes a lot better and much healthier than the stuffs cooked over at McDonald’s.

The same goes to running a project – if you have bad cooks no matter how good and detailed your recipes are the dishes are probably going down the drain (no pun intended).

This is why good people matter in a company – and how we showcase them to the world do too. These people need their credits and some good representation of who they are and how they look like. This is where team pages play a role. It would also give our clients an idea of how we look like (so that they can get to know us as well as not to scare them off!).

Without further ado, here I present my list of my favorite Meet the Team pages.

#1 – Caxiamgroup.com

Caxiamgroup is a web design and development company located in Orlando, Florida. They have a carefully assembled team of strategists, designers, developers, programmers & marketers. Check out their Meet the Team page.

There is an attractive use of slider at the top of the page showing their team members categorized based on the transition from Creative to Technical team.

Everyone in the team is shown in three different poses as a way to show them that they are more than what they do at Caxiamgroup – for example Brian here, aside from a User Experience Designer, he is also a sweet family guy.

Everyone gets to describe themselves in a set of keywords under their profile picture(s).

… along with some extra bits of random information accompanying their profile.

#2- Nordkapp.fi

Nordkapp is a group of experienced designers, strategists and technologists from Helsinki, Finland. Even the homepage looks stunningly smart already.

Click on any of the link on top and you will be directed to the page using our favorite parallax scrolling effect.

The secret also lies in such strong copy to describe their team.

The profile info is laid out so simple yet packs a punch. Not to mention (again), nice photographs too.

#3- In2media.com

In2media is a digital agency hailing all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in 1994, the agency produces campaigns, corporate sites, brand channels, rich media sites, applications, and transaction sites as part of their solutions to strengthen the relations between clients and users.

In general, click over any of those links and you will see that they have employed some cool CSS3 animations. The same goes when you hover the images, details and sliders in their Meet The Team section.

These are just probably some of the Meet the Team pages that caught my eye, so if you have some other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

(P/s: Check out our Meet the Team page!)