Please don’t let our future generation regard animal abuse as life norms the way ours do.

Mimi was a kitten that Dov and I found near Langkawi McDonalds being abused by a 7 years old little girl on vacation. She ran and hide under the tables, she didn’t scream from the pain, instead just crouch helplessly in hope that the merciless kicking would stop. We asked the girl to back off while her parents sat few metres away watching the entire episode, enjoying their meal. On impulse, we adopted the kitten and named her Mimi. That was 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday, Mimi died from breathing complications. She developed a diaphragmatic hernia from the abuse and while she battled few weeks for her life, her lung gave away a day before her surgery. Kuala Lumpur, normally cloudy and wet, couldn’t be more brighter and sunnier the day she died. She left a big void in all our hearts and she will be remembered for long for what she has been to us and the life she could have had if only she had not been born a stray.

During the last few hours Mimi and I shared, I have come to understand the kindness of strangers. Our deepest appreciation to everyone who has come together in their own way and tried to save her. To Renee and Syahir too, who did her justice.

Till we see you again, Mimi.