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The New Kid On The Block

sani stampede

Rookie Sani fills us in about his first few weeks with Stampede, of the importance of self-learning initiatives and how he (and the rest of us) had been faring so far. (Note: We have always been in our best behaviour. Promise.) Keep Reading


My Path So Far

Syazwan was having his internship with a data company in KL when he was asked to try out the position of Front-End Developer at Stampede. Under Dov's reign of terror, he learned many essential front-end techniques that are important to Stampede, and had never looked back ever since. Syazwan writes about the experience that led him to Stampede and what has transpired since. Keep Reading


Just Another Day at Work

Dov juggles between his New York hours and now Madrid, all the while with ridiculous distractions from this furry little critter at Stampede. Hugo, say Hello World. Miaow. Keep Reading


The Bull Retrospect

Shaza reminisces about the good times and the bad times during what happened last year. But it all boils down to this - we swear it was pure coincidence that Stampede had a blast throughout the Year of the Ox. Keep Reading


Awesome Factor Deux

The initial idea of Stampede as a place where inspiring people get to practice work they love is still very much the core of what we do. We actively seek the right people to complement our in-house talents and Stampede is happy to announce the addition of two awesome new team members. Keep Reading


The Modal Rebrand

Nailing a new color theme, getting the typography right, translating pixel details and white space accurately into xhtml/css, applying subtle mootools effect without compromising originality of the design. All that stuff. Keep Reading


Updates, Updates

In between a new addiction to Twitter, working with the New York boys, saving the Malaysian rainforest and saying a long, hard goodbye to a team member, there's plenty going on at Stampede this time of the year. Keep Reading


Convofair ’08 Launched!

We have just launched, a celebration of the 8th Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Teknologi Petronas. To many, the university is a hallmark of excellence and prestige; to the three of us - it's our very own alma mater. Keep Reading


Farewell Mimi

Mimi was a kitten that Dov and Shaza found near Langkawi McDonalds being abused by a 7 years old little girl on vacation. Yesterday, Mimi died from breathing complications. Please don't let our future generation regard animal abuse as life norms the way ours do. Keep Reading


Privet, Shaiful & Ani!

A huge welcome (bear hugs and introduction to caffeine intake included) to our new Stampeedoligans - Shaiful Borhan and Ani Razale! Keep Reading