Yesterday was another milestone for Stampede, as Zapier had mentioned us in one of their blog posts; Project Management Software Stacks: The Apps That 13 Companies Use to Manage Projects.

Stampede on Zapier

What is Zapier?

The post shares how 13 companies on their use of Zapier to connect their work apps together. At Stampede, we use a number of these apps on a daily basis due to the remote nature of our workplace, so an automation service like Zapier helps by optimizing the work process. The platform currently supports over 500 apps meaning that many combination of automated process flows can be created.

How does it work?

By all means, Zapier isn’t as complicated as you might think. How it works is that you can connect apps together to create a process flow, this is called a Zap. For example, you can tell Zapier to notify you on a specific Slack channel if a new message is posted on Basecamp. Once you get good at it, you can start doing really advanced flows like creating filters so that Zapier will only notify you after certain conditions are met. For example, if Google Analytics hits a page view milestone of 10,000 users, a message on Slack will be posted as a notification.

How we use Zapier at Stampede

At Stampede uses these apps to automate and channel tasks into Slack. If we didn’t do so, we’d have to manually transfer details from one app to another. For example, if one of our clients were to post a new task on Basecamp, we’d get an email notification, but we’d also still have to go to Basecamp and move the details manually onto Slack. Zapier eliminates that distraction for us.

Zapier Preview with Stampede Apps

Examples of how Basecamp, Gravity Forms and Facebook are integrated into out Slack channel.

You can head over to their site and read the full article here. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we do best, doing great work and staying awesome.