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Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time

Our Content Strategist Jared Ng writes on the balance of managing energy and time in order to improve our efficiency. Keep Reading


Stampede in Zapier

Yesterday was another milestone for Stampede, as Zapier had mentioned us in one of their blog posts. Learn what it is about and how it automates so many of our project workflows in Stampede. Keep Reading


Productive Workplace Habits That You Should Know

In our workplaces, we have habits that we are quite fond off. Jared talks about a list of productive habits that you should know at your workplace. Keep Reading


Growing Ideas: Mind Mapping

Generating and expanding ideas can get pretty overwhelming with a number of apps these days, so why don't we go back to the good ol' method of mind-mapping? Jared shows how. Keep Reading


Managing Your Time

So much work, so little time. Within a day we have twenty-four hours to work with and we're pretty much occupied two-thirds of it. Our content strategist Jared shares how he manages his time, in a very minutiae detailed style. Keep Reading


Celebrating Little Victories with

Traditional bonus scheme can be secretive and one-sided. Zana explains how could be a gamechanger. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #22

This week, Wan found out that painting skulls in acrylic actually help him sleep better. Meanwhile, Shaza attempted to do flat design without exclaiming "Rainbow unicorns!" too much and Zana imagined a scratch postcard as memento of her recent adventures. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #21

This week, it's all about bringing design solutions to life. Wan gif-ed up UI designs for mobile to make them look interactive, Shaza sexy-fied our random quotes from work in the form of typographic posters while Zana demanded more interaction out of LinkedIn. Keep Reading


Creative Burst #20

Pop culture is helped shaped by designers. This week, Wan rather went Twilight-esque with his sketch of a wolf (hellow, Taylor), Shaza went googling for Kirk's Captain's log and what makes Superman, well, Superman, and Zana brought sexy back to museums. Keep Reading