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Remote Work

A City of Our Own Part V: Ipoh

My town is famous for its numerous tourist attractions and not to forget, various local delicacies. Yum. Keep Reading


Dropdown Menu Hiding Behind <iframe>

Chances are many who work with HTML and CSS came across this peculiarity of dropdown navigation stubbornly hiding itself behind an <iframe> element. Syazwan shares the workaround that might just save you hours of hair pullings. Keep Reading


Supermassive Custom Template

Supermassive is this powerful, professional WordPress theme, dubbed in their own marketing phrase "the next generation WordPress theme". It could help you to create a great looking theme that allows you to make your own unique and abstract layouts in minutes. Syazwan gladly shares his experience working on this Supermassive custom template. Keep Reading

Remote Work

Koh Lipe Trip

Syazwan was mesmerized by the fantastic view of the beach at Koh Lipe, Thailand - the scene with light blue crystal clear waters and shining white sandy beach. After much swimming, snorkeling and gallivanting about the island with Shaiful together in their hibiscus pants, Syazwan could not wait to share the story of his first ever overseas trip. Keep Reading


Book Review: Handcrafted CSS

Stampede has recently adopted the Great Book Reward policy for our wonderful team and we have chosen Handcrafted CSS as Syazwan's first book reward - and he describes it as "one awesome book for the intermediate web developer". Keep Reading


Shocking World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, arguably the most globally-celebrated event on this planet, had begun in South Africa on June 11, 2010 and will end this coming July 11. It is an event worth 4-years of wait. Only this time, it is chocked-full of shocking outcomes. Keep Reading


My Path So Far

Syazwan was having his internship with a data company in KL when he was asked to try out the position of Front-End Developer at Stampede. Under Dov's reign of terror, he learned many essential front-end techniques that are important to Stampede, and had never looked back ever since. Syazwan writes about the experience that led him to Stampede and what has transpired since. Keep Reading


Super Firefox Extensions

As web developers, we are often caught in the situation where the things don't go too well. Working or troubleshooting with normal HTML takes times. Syazwan discloses four of his most favourite Firefox extensions that no developers can ignore without losing sleep. Keep Reading


My Take on HTML 5

HTML5 is packed with cool new features, code slimming advantage and a few slick solution to the current way we build front-end components of a website. Syazwan gets up, close and personal about the appeal of HTML5. Keep Reading


White Sails and the Sea

The Royal Langkawi International Regatta is an annual, prestigious yacht race with yachts from all over the world competing in this 5-day event. It was Syazwan's first time updating the website with real-time race results. There was so much to do, but then again, the guy gets to party every night on a tropical island. Keep Reading