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Workaround for dropdown menu hover on mobile browsers

Shaiful is back, this time with some tips on making dropdown menu hover interaction work on mobile browsers. Keep Reading


Generating Simple 1D Barcodes with PHP

In web applications like an online-ticketing system, encoding the purchase reference number as barcodes on the ticket print or voucher can be quite useful in helping over-the-counter staff to quickly handle processes such as guest check-in using a barcode scanner. Shaiful shares a simple tool for starters exploring about barcode generation in PHP applications, the cool way he knows how. Keep Reading


Sticky Post Slider in WordPress without a Plugin

A slider gives draws the attention to the blog posts selected by the owner and allows the visitors to quickly glance through some of the best posts. It is a smart and welcomed way to promote the blog with its own posts. Many blog owners seek help from various plugins to achieve the slider for featured posts. But Guo Lin prefers to code it directly in the theme he works on, while using the existing 'Sticky Post' feature in WordPress to achieve the same effect. Keep Reading


Disable HTML Auto-Formatting in WordPress

The "HTML mode" in the WordPress editor doesn't really provide you with total control of the HTML being generated on the frontend. Some of the auto-formatting it does are for instance wrapping your inline elements with <p> and line breaks are also interpreted as <p>. If you're someone who likes full control over the HTML of your content in WordPress, this simple solution might interest you. Shaiful shows you how. Keep Reading


Quickly Fetch Web Feeds with SimplePie

Let's say we have a university website running on a CMS and a couple of student blogs running on a blogging tool like WPMU. Then on the university website homepage we need to pull several latest blog teasers from the student blogs. We can accomplish this quite easily with a free PHP class called SimplePie. What the library does is it fetches the blog RSS or Atom feed that we provide and parses it into an easy to use formatted data. Keep Reading


Spam Prevention Alternatives to CAPTCHA

One of the rules in today's web is if you have forms on your website, you need to have some kind of spam prevention measure implemented. Here Shaiful will talk us through the several methods that can be used and why CAPTCHA isn't one. Keep Reading


Useful MySQL Query for Search and Replace

When working with databases, one of the tasks that may popped up every once in a while is the need to replace some little snippet of text and all its occurrence throughout the table, to a different text. If you need to perform a quick search and replace on your MySQL database records, Shaiful reassures that you should just take a seat and read on, casually. No biggie. Keep Reading


My Take on HTML 5

HTML5 is packed with cool new features, code slimming advantage and a few slick solution to the current way we build front-end components of a website. Syazwan gets up, close and personal about the appeal of HTML5. Keep Reading