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8 Useful Resources for Front-End Developers

Even the most resilient front-end developer gets stuck sometimes too. In this case, Iwan is happy to share his list of online resources which he found useful in his daily work. Keep Reading


Disable HTML Auto-Formatting in WordPress

The "HTML mode" in the WordPress editor doesn't really provide you with total control of the HTML being generated on the frontend. Some of the auto-formatting it does are for instance wrapping your inline elements with <p> and line breaks are also interpreted as <p>. If you're someone who likes full control over the HTML of your content in WordPress, this simple solution might interest you. Shaiful shows you how. Keep Reading


My Take on HTML 5

HTML5 is packed with cool new features, code slimming advantage and a few slick solution to the current way we build front-end components of a website. Syazwan gets up, close and personal about the appeal of HTML5. Keep Reading