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UX Research Part 1: How Do We Start?

UX Research is a task to determine if a design properly caters to end users. This is part 1 of 2, where Zana Fauzi goes into details on how we start. Keep Reading


Getting to Know Agile Development

Zana speaks about embracing the agile approach, the process by which projects can be managed and implemented in small chunks of work. Small victories. Keep Reading


Stampede in Zapier

Yesterday was another milestone for Stampede, as Zapier had mentioned us in one of their blog posts. Learn what it is about and how it automates so many of our project workflows in Stampede. Keep Reading


Transitioning from Print to Digital Design

If you have thought about making the transition from print design to its digital counterpart, let our content strategist Jared help you by taking a look at some essential preparations needed before taking the leap. Keep Reading


Growing Ideas: Mind Mapping

Generating and expanding ideas can get pretty overwhelming with a number of apps these days, so why don't we go back to the good ol' method of mind-mapping? Jared shows how. Keep Reading


Introducing Crescendo

Introducing Crescendo, our unofficial music compilation of what we at Stampede listen to while churning out ideas at miles per hour every day. Enjoy! Keep Reading


GST Blues Explained

The talk of the town these few weeks is about the Goods & Services Tax (GST). Here's an infographic to help reduce the confusion of its implementation. Keep Reading


Running a Social Media Campaign

In her entire life, Zana had never uttered the words "Valentine's Day" just as much as she had during the past month, as she had to run a campaign for the said event. Here's what happened. Keep Reading


Mighty Things

We've just launched the new Stampede website (yay!) so here's Shaza saying thanks to all the wonderful people who made it happen. Also, find out things in the work at Stampede. Keep Reading