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Mighty Things

We’ve just launched the new Stampede website (yay!) so here’s Shaza saying thanks to all the wonderful people who made it happen. Also, find out things in the work at Stampede.

Design / Projects

Connect Cuba is launched today!

The team has successfully launched the website for Connect Cuba in time for the campaign launch! We are excited to be part of this movement to empower the Cuban civil society to communicate freely with each other and the world.

Design / Projects

Vote for Langkawi LASSie!

Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation (LASSie) is part of Stampede Do Good initiative. Vote to help care for abandoned dogs and cats in Langkawi. Vote for kindness.

Design / Projects

Soaring High: Go Eastern Eagles’ New Look

Zana had the chance to sit with her awesome team throughout the 30-hour deployment for the new look of Go Eastern Eagles & is now stoked to share the nitty-gritty details of what makes the site so special.


Launching Real Soon

Stampede v3 is the most ambitious project we have done for ourselves. But when it is finally launched, you may find it look way simpler than the actual effort – that is because the team members share the very same values that have prevailed ever since the early days of Stampede. Watch out for us.

Design / Projects

White Sails and the Sea

The Royal Langkawi International Regatta is an annual, prestigious yacht race with yachts from all over the world competing in this 5-day event. It was Syazwan’s first time updating the website with real-time race results. There was so much to do, but then again, the guy gets to party every night on a tropical island.

Design / Projects

The Modal Rebrand

Nailing a new color theme, getting the typography right, translating pixel details and white space accurately into xhtml/css, applying subtle mootools effect without compromising originality of the design. All that stuff.

Design / Projects

Convofair ’08 Launched!

We have just launched, a celebration of the 8th Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Teknologi Petronas. To many, the university is a hallmark of excellence and prestige; to the three of us – it’s our very own alma mater.