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UX and Startups: An Interview with Linda Rasip

Startups offer the most exciting opportunities for UX designers. We speak to Linda Aidiel, CTO of Aleph One, on UX-ing in a challenging yet rewarding startups environment. Keep Reading


Journey Made Possible: An Interview with Syed Ahmad Fuqaha

As part of our Working Remote series, Zana and Shaza speak to Fuqaha of Katsana on running a remote team, the importance of getting it right and Katsana's strength. Keep Reading


Purely Passionate: An Interview with Jesrina Arshad

Making healthy living easy and convenient, Shaza and Zana get the chance to talk to CEO & Founder of PurelyB, Jesrina Arshad about building a product she is so passionate in and how it had changed lives. Keep Reading


Connection through Conversation: An Interview with Lilyana Latiff

In between references to pop culture, Joota's Co-Founder Lilyana Latiff shares how Joota has been her life-defining passion and how the platform is set to empower the knowledge sharing revolution. Keep Reading