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From Developer to Project Lead

project management

This article is written by our resident web analyst and developer, Tony Sanjaya who hails from Surabaya, Indonesia. In the past, the man has confessed that he is more comfortable talking with machines instead of human beings and prefers listening instead of note-taking. A combination of traits that doesn’t sound very people-oriented, but at Stampede,…Keep reading

Culture / Training

Getting Up to Speed: Rapid-fire Design


At Stampede, we practice a culture of staying up-to-date with the industry as much as we can. How we do that is through training in the form of modules to keep our skills sharp and ever-ready. I came from a more generic design background where UI/UX was part of the job, and the training was…Keep reading

Culture / Travel

Shaza Goes to Web Summit 2016

The entire arena was buzzing with energy. Phone torches were lit, originally by people whose friends were trying to locate them amidst the 15,000 people, before everyone pretty much lit theirs too. The seats were quickly filling up, and we heard thousands of people were stranded outside in the chilly Lisbon evening watching the live…Keep reading

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Stampede Get-together & JomLaunch 4

jomlaunch 4

The team meeting up Last Friday (25th November 2016) marked the first time Stampede got together, physically at one place, and at the same time. If you didn’t know already, we at Stampede work remotely from various places around Malaysia along with other parts of the world. For instance, we have Viki from Hungary and Tony from…Keep reading

Culture / UX Research

Tales from the UX Workshop: Learning to Speak your Client’s Tongue

stampede ux workshop

At Stampede, we have experience running UX workshops with clients across different industries. With each industry being different from one another, getting to understand each client requires a bit more effort. Every client speaks a different language, based on their industry’s jargon and terminology. Learning to speak and understand your client’s terms is important, because you need…Keep reading

Culture / Processes

Overcoming the Fear of Analytics


When I first used Google Analytics it was a shock to me seeing so many numbers and charts. The flood of information at the time was more than what I could make sense of. This was the first time I developed a fear of analytics, a fear of big data. Eventually, I got used to it after…Keep reading

Culture / User Experience / UX Research

The 6 Commandments of UX Workshop Facilitation


Workshops are often a key part of the UX process by getting stakeholders involved from the start. Due to its importance, it is always good to ensure that these workshops are properly run. One key person in the UX workshop is the UX facilitator. This person not only leads the workshop to its desired outcome, but to also create a pleasant environment…Keep reading

A City of Our Own / Culture

A City of Our Own IX : Budapest


I’m Viktoria Vass, a UI/UX designer at Stampede. I will be your guide to my hometown, Budapest. However much time I spend away from Budapest, the moment I come home it always feels complete. It’s a comfortably sized city with nearly two million people. Everything that matters happens in the center, and once you’re in there, nothing…Keep reading

Culture / Processes

Tips on Delightful Client Onboarding Experience

on boarding

Every now and then, we get people asking us if we have experienced an episode akin to Clients from Hell. But to be honest, it is thankfully not something that we encounter very often. We are lucky to have good clients, who most of the time become good friends for life. There are instances where clients…Keep reading

A City of Our Own / Culture

A City of Our Own VIII : Payangan


Hi, my name is Tony Sanjaya. I come from Bali, the island of a thousand gods, living in a small city called Payangan since I was born. Payangan is a sub-district of Gianyar. How does that work you may ask? Imagine Smallville, and Gianyar or Denpasar is Metropolis. And I am Superman. (I’m sorry, let’s get…Keep reading