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Building Team Resilience at Work

Ayu with her drawing talent

As a remote team, we approach cultivating a mentally healthy workplace with intentionality. One of our core values, camaraderie, means you should feel psychologically safe and able to trust the people you work with. And leadership starts by looking out for each other. At Stampede, employees and apprentices enjoy our monthly mental health benefits. There’s… Keep reading


Being a Developer Hero: An Interview with Zulfa Juniadi


"I believe that if you are good at something, you should contribute back to the community wherever possible." We speak to Zulfa Juniadi on coding, teaching AngularJS, balancing life & work and paying it forward to the programming community. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own IX : Budapest


Our UI/UX designer, Viktoria Vass shows us the many highlights of Budapest - where she currently resides and how it is a great city for working remotely. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own VIII : Payangan


Our Web Analyst Tony Sanjaya talks about the laid-back life & remote working opportunities in his Balinese town, Payangan but not without a quite boastful comparison of it and Smallville. Keep Reading


The Stampede Way to Scrum: The Blitz

Stampede Blitz

Take a glimpse at how we at Stampede run 'The Blitz', an important part of how we work as a remote company. Jared explains it so eloquently. Keep Reading

Remote Work

Working Remotely Part 1: Running a Remote Team

We get asked a lot on how we run our team remotely and still remain close-knit like a family. Zana decides to write a series of blog posts about our experiences running a remote team to answer the question, and many others. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own VII: Arau

Dahlia the designer shares stories about the laidback town of hers, Arau in Perlis - and how it was possible that Arauans might be Italians in their earlier life. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own Part VI: London

To Zana, happiness can be a city. Here she shares her romantic affiliation with her most favourite city in the world, London. Keep Reading

Remote Work

In the Cloud

Never in his life Wan had thought about having a job that does not require him to sit hunching his back in the office. Here he relays his experience and how he tries to adjust himself to this new experience. Keep Reading

Remote Work

Magic on the move

Zana talks about how working with Stampede enables her to do all the things she has always wanted to do, without ever leaving the job. Keep Reading